Why chefs shouldn’t give up on sustainability

Why chefs shouldn’t give up on sustainability

why integrate eco-friendly initiatives into the culinary experience

Peeter Pihel, co-founder and head chef at Fotografiska Tallinn, stresses the importance of integrating eco-friendly initiatives into the culinary experience.

The rising significance of sustainability has been undeniable in recent years. It signals a positive shift in awareness. Despite this acknowledgment, concerns persist with the increasing global temperature and substantial ecological footprints in food production. Although quick steps are feasible, the journey becomes a challenge due to the lack of a unified vision of what is right or wrong. This challenge is particularly evident in the chef’s kitchen, where varying local laws on bio-waste sorting add to the confusion. Despite obstacles, chefs’ commitment remains strong, with efforts such as rooftop beekeeping and sustainable water practices.

Chefs embrace sustainability

While the restaurant industry needs to be more aware of its ecological footprint, society must take greater responsibility. Openly discussing and rectifying mistakes is crucial for progress. Over four years, our restaurant faced criticism for prioritizing sustainability. However, a shift in mindset has occurred. Guests now appreciate sustainability related efforts. Thus, emphasizing the growing importance of sustainable practices. Awards, such as the Michelin Guide’s Green Star, validate chefs’ commitment. However, the true reward lies in contributing to positive changes.

Chefs’ challenges in sustainable eating

Sustainable fishing, seafood health and plastic consumption pose significant challenges. Thus, it is important to collaborate with suppliers to reduce packaging waste. For instance, reclaiming Styrofoam fish boxes contributes to solutions. Furthermore, soil health is also crucial, like turning bio-waste into compost for our garden. However, challenges persist globally, highlighting the need for a concerted effort to promote sustainable practices within the culinary industry.

How experts promote sustainable eating

Radical approaches to sustainable eating are sometimes faced with criticism. Larger food guides creating sustainability categories need scrutiny. Consequently, greenwashing, without proper investigation, harms the credibility of such efforts. This emphasizes the importance of authentic communication between guides and restaurants to accurately assess sustainability practices.


Peeter Pihel, co-Founder and head chef at Fotografiska Tallinn

Peeter Pihel
co-founder and head chef at Fotografiska Tallinn
@peeterpihel; @fotografiska.food.tallinn

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