In-room and bathroom amenities of 2022

In-room and bathroom amenities of 2022

Even though tech amenities are considered to be the trendiest nowadays, classic amenities, such as toiletries and towels, still play a key role in distinguishing one property from the next. From sustainability to luxury, Hospitality News ME explores 2022’s in-room and bathroom amenities and highlights what accommodation providers should keep in mind when selecting theirs.

Franziska Purkert

Franziska Purkert, Corporate director pre-opening support and housekeeping, Rotana Hotel Management Corporation

“In 2022, amenities will continue to focus on smart technology and sustainable in-room solutions, with less plastic, less paper and less waste. That means for us and our hotels: moving away from single-use amenities and implementing more eco-friendly options. This also involves introducing products that are made locally or in the region. Nowadays, we can find high-quality refillable bathroom amenity solutions which are a great start to be more sustainable. Moving away from plastic is equally important; thus, replacing plastic water bottles with glass water bottles even in guest rooms are great initiatives. With the pandemic, hoteliers reviewed what is necessary in the guest room and what is not, and how to provide but with a more added convenience: Digitalization was one answer and will remain a trend; e.g, by introducing QR codes for on-demand ordering or replacing printed collateral; but also offering APPs to work out in the comfort of your room or to follow a workout in the gym; or unwind and sleep better with the help of a relaxation app. These are great tools that hotels make available to guests as part of their amenity program. Natural materials will become more important in the future such as when considering the filling of pillows or mattresses.”

Sarah Akkari

Sarah Akkari, CEO, Senteurs d’Orient

“Even though we are more of a wholesale and direct consumer business through our e-commerce website, we’ve been answering a growing demand from hotels and spas, especially for our handwash and hand cream, but also our oils and bath salts. In Lebanon, our products are available in Al Bustan Spa, Beit Trad, Beit Douma, the Albergo Hotel. These hand washes and creams are very nice to display because they tell a story about the orient, and most of our Lebanese clients have been looking to source locally and work with natural Lebanese brands. Our products are also available in some spas in the USA, including one in Texas, and one in New York at the Greenwich Hotel and one in Merryland where we are in a partnership with a medical spa. We are also available at Sloane deli cafe and restaurant in London. What we’ve seen in terms of trend in 2021, and we believe will continue throughout the current year and so forth, is refillables. We have been providing bulk formula for the handwash for instance (1 to 5 kilos) to many hospitality businesses that we work with. This allows them to refill their bottles as needed. More and more hotels are willing to offer bath salts, and what is good about our salts is that they come in individual pouches, which allows guests to use as many as they need, whether in their baths or in their closets.”

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Rosemary Romanos

Rosemary Romanos, CEO and founder, SALMA

“SALMA, a Lebanese homegrown and natural beauty, cosmetic and personal care brand, has been supplying amenities to more than 80 hotels and guesthouses across Lebanon and abroad. According to its founder, over the past two years, there was an increased interest in going local and finding local brands that can supply hotels with amenities and toiletries. This is due to many factors but mostly, the period of Covid-19 has encouraged local ecotourism coupled with an increase in supporting and wanting to purchase local brands have definitely shifted the buying habits of the hospitality industry. Also, some of the trends that we have recently witnessed is the desire to become more sustainable, greener, and more eco-friendly by using bigger dispensers inside the guestrooms. This is coming from a desire to dispose of less plastic and less waste while maintaining the superior and high quality of service. Finally, we have also noticed a desire of the hospitality industry to provide clean beauty and natural products to their guests by using paraben free, phthalate free, vegan and cruelty free products. This is why our products have been quite on demand recently.”

Luxury toiletries…The delight

As we all know, luxury is all about individuality, and nothing compares to the feeling one has when they enjoy the collection of miniature shampoo bottles provided by luxury hotels. Unlike refillable large bottles that match the sustainability movement supporters’ aspirations, fancy shampoo and toiletry collections still appeal most luxury travelers. From Hermès, Ferragamo and Bulgari, to Asprey, La Bottega, Diptype and Le Labo, luxury toiletries and hotel supplies are undeniably in-room pleasures. The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah has been recognized for its luxurious touches, and full-sized bottles of Hermès toiletries are among them.

Recently, international hospitality chain Dream Hotels has welcomed designer fashion house KARL LAGERFELD bath and beauty into its global portfolio. The luxury boutique hotel group will be offering a highly exclusive range of premium KARL LAGERFELD skincare products, marking a worldwide first for guests staying at any Dream Hotels location. Dream Doha has already confirmed that it will be welcoming the KARL LAGERFELD hotel amenity collection when it opens in fall 2022.

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