Capturing the essence Istanbul with Volkan Öztürkler, multi-property GM of Sanasaryan Han

Capturing the essence Istanbul with Volkan Öztürkler, multi-property GM of Sanasaryan Han

Volkan Öztürkler, Multi Property general manager of Sanasaryan Han

Volkan Oztürkler unveils the unique unique characteristics of Sanasaryan Han and how the property embodies the spirit of authentic Istanbul.

What is behind the concept and design of Sanasaryan Han and how does the property reflect the cultural heritage and history of Istanbul?

Sanasaryan Han, a Luxury Collection Hotel, is nestled in Istanbul’s historical heart, epitomizing culture and heritage. Inspired by Istanbul’s rich tapestry of east-meets-west influences, the design encapsulates the city’s dynamic spirit. Through meticulous restoration, we preserve the Han’s legacy, adorning it with artifacts and antiques, inviting guests on a journey through time. The atrium, bathed in natural light, showcases opulent furnishings and mirrors, evoking timeless elegance. Moreover, a dedicated library pays homage to the Han’s commitment to education, while contemporary art installations complement traditional elements. Notably, Harun Doğan’s monochromatic photographs adorn the space, capturing Istanbul’s eternal charm. Ultimately, Sanasaryan Han is a true gem where history meets modernity.

The hotel has undergone a meticulous restoration to honor its heritage. How have you managed to preserve the historical significance of the property?

Sanasaryan Han, originally built by architect Hovsep Aznavur, stands as one of the most iconic neoclassical structures in the Old City. Moreover, the restoration process was meticulous, ensuring the preservation of the building’s rich heritage, while maintaining the facade, a stunning example of 1895 neoclassical architecture. Additionally, original features like columns, neoclassical arched windows, and the iron gate were carefully restored, with ornamental details becoming the hotel’s symbol. Furthermore, we retained the original floor heights and iconic glass atriums, maximizing natural light while honoring the building’s historical integrity. Every detail upholds the property’s significance, offering guests an authentic glimpse into Istanbul’s past.

How do you ensure that the Sanasaryan Han restaurant and bar experiences honor the true essence of Istanbul’s cuisine?

We pride ourselves on curating an authentic culinary journey celebrating Turkey’s rich gastronomic heritage, influenced by the historic Silk Road and the vibrant Spice Bazaar. Furthermore, Sini Restaurant and The Library Bar offer meticulously crafted dining experiences capturing Istanbul’s diverse cuisine offering. Specifically, Sini showcases traditional dishes like lakerda and signature Istanbul delicacies with Mediterranean flavors, while The Library Bar, a cultural hub, hosts weekly thespian events and serves exquisite cocktails such as the Constantinapolitan, alongside aromatic tea tastings led by our tea master.

How do you plan to position Sanasaryan Han, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Istanbul, within the competitive hospitality market of Istanbul?

Sanasaryan Han, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Istanbul is poised to make its mark in Istanbul’s competitive hospitality landscape. Moreover, nestled in the historic peninsula, our hotel aims to revolutionize by offering a unique blend of luxury and heritage. Additionally, our focus on contemporary art, modern design, and traditional Turkish craftsmanship offers guests an immersive experience resonating with Istanbul’s history. Furthermore, strategically located near iconic landmarks such as the Spice Bazaar, our guests can enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Ultimately, Sanasaryan Han promises to redefine luxury hospitality in Istanbul, setting a new standard for excellence.


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