At the table with Sanjay Nandi, CEO of award-winning ADMO Lifestyle Holding

At the table with Sanjay Nandi, CEO of award-winning ADMO Lifestyle Holding

Sanjay Nandi, CEO of award-winning ADMO Lifestyle Holding

As the newly appointed CEO of ADMO Lifestyle Holding, Sanjay Nandi unveils what it takes to develop a winning restaurant portfolio.

What can you tell us about your recent appointment?

I recently joined ADMO Lifestyle Holding (ADMO) as the first CEO of the organization, which is an exciting prospect. Moreover, I’m thrilled to be in Abu Dhabi.

My background is in entertainment, hospitality and lifestyle, and I am responsible for driving ADMO’s growth and success. Therefore, my focus is on building a compelling global lifestyle platform and expanding the operations of our existing portfolio. Additionally, I am assessing further strategic acquisitions of “best-in-class” brands. These efforts will ensure that ADMO remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the industry.

What sets ADMO’s hospitality portfolio apart from others in the market?

Firstly, ADMO’s hospitality portfolio stands out as a constellation of iconic brands in the lifestyle sector, making a significant impact. Notably, it includes Nammos Dubai, which ranks among the highest-grossing restaurants in the world, attracting global attention. Furthermore, our other brands include top-performing, multiple award-winning venues in Dubai and across the Middle East. Indeed, what distinguishes ADMO’s projects is their holistic approach, encompassing hotels, F&B and diverse entertainment concepts. Consequently, this comprehensive approach ensures each project becomes a destination, offering guests an immersive experience beyond traditional offerings.

Additionally, ADMO’s commitment to diversity and innovation is evident in the continual expansion of its portfolio. Specifically, ADMO actively seeks out restaurants and entertainment venues from Tokyo to Los Angeles to enhance its repertoire. For instance, in 2024, ADMO will launch Nammos Cannes, Nammos London, Ce La Vi London and Clap Ibiza, showcasing our global reach and ambition in the hospitality industry.

It is important to note that ADMO’s strategic focus on the UAE market and its expansion into the ultra-luxury segment internationally highlight its growth. By investing in premium properties and curating exceptional guest experiences, ADMO positions itself as a leader in hospitality, lifestyle and entertainment sectors. Fundamentally, ADMO’s hospitality portfolio sets itself apart with diverse offerings, global presence and commitment to excellence. Consequently, it becomes a standout choice for investors and guests in the dynamic hospitality and gastronomy industry.

How does ADMO plan to establish a strong presence in the hospitality sector in the UAE market and which other countries in the Middle East are you exploring?

Firstly, ADMO has strategically developed its presence in the UAE hospitality sector by establishing a diverse portfolio of renowned restaurants. Notably, this includes award-winning brands such as Nammos, Ce La Vi, Em Sherif, Iris, Clap, Bar du Port, Babylon and Sucre. These establishments cater to the local market and attract international visitors, contributing to the UAE’s vibrant hospitality landscape.

What opportunities and challenges does ADMO anticipate as it expands in the Middle East?

ADMO foresees several compelling opportunities as it expands in the Middle East, driven by favorable market conditions. Moreover, the region boasts a flourishing market, with rising demand for luxury experiences, entertainment and diverse culinary offerings, attracting affluent clientele. Consequently, with the Middle East’s increasing tourism, we see significant potential for continued growth and success in this sector.

In addition to the market’s favorable conditions, ADMO recognizes the opportunity to introduce fresh energy and innovation through strategic initiatives. By creating new concepts, leveraging best practices and incorporating cutting-edge technology, ADMO aims to enhance guest experiences. Furthermore, these efforts will help distinguish itself in the competitive hospitality landscape.

With a focus on innovation, differentiation and strategic partnerships, ADMO seeks to capitalize on the region’s potential and establish itself as a leader. By delivering exceptional experiences to guests across the Middle East, ADMO ensures its strong presence. Moreover, collaborations with local businesses, developers and government entities will play a key role in ADMO’s expansion strategy.

Ultimately, this approach will help ADMO maintain its competitive edge and achieve long-term success in the Middle East’s growing hospitality industry.



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