Mohamed Najia discusses the launch of the KHOA website

Mohamed Najia discusses the launch of the KHOA website

An expert in hospitality and tourism in Kuwait and the region, Mohamed Najia has over 40 years of experience in hotel and tourism management, as well as catering services. Besides holding executive and board member positions at several hospitality companies, Najia became the advisor for Kuwait’s tourism sector at the Ministry of Information as well as hospitality arbitrator at the Arbitration International Center in Bahrain. Here, we learn about the KHOA website and why it is important for the Kuwaiti market.

How did the idea of KHOA come about?
KHOA’s main idea is to represent the hotel sector in Kuwait. It is an association that helps owners and managers discuss common issues with the government. The website supports what the association has been doing for four decades now, which is showcasing Kuwait as a travel destination.

In what way will KHOA help promote Kuwait as a tourist destination?
We have linked all the information related to tourism (international and domestic) events, landmarks, visa requirements, culture, etc. It will help people who have never visited the country before book a flight, a hotel and visit hot spots; we hope to encourage them to visit Kuwait.

How did Kuwait’s hospitality industry handle the coronavirus pandemic?
KHOA has been playing a positive role in mitigating the impact of Covid-19, assisting both the government and hoteliers. Unfortunately, the situation still doesn’t allow for entry visas and for things to go back to the pre-Covid-19 normal.

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