8 of the best vegan drinks launched this year

8 of the best vegan drinks launched this year

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Discover the latest innovations of the year with our roundup of the top eight new vegan drinks.

Califia Farms cookies and crème creamer

Califia Farms is leading the revolution with a limited-edition almond creamer infused with a chocolate sandwich cookie flavor. The veteran alt-milk brand continues to innovate with this unique product. Moreover, the creamer offers a twist for coffee enthusiasts, aligning with the growing demand for plant based.

Califia Farms remains committed to providing high-quality and flavorful alternatives, and this limited-edition creamer exemplifies the brand’s dedication to innovation and consumer satisfaction.

Elmhurst ready-to-drink lattes

Elmhurst’s new line of lattes provides consumers with a caffeine boost in a variety of standout flavors. With milk bases ranging from oat to walnut, there’s a latte tailored to every taste bud. Consumers can choose between a host of indulgent options, including brown sugar oat, caramel cashew, pistachio crème and maple walnut.

Kelly Loves aloe vera

Offering a refreshing experience with real aloe vera chunks, this sugar-free drink is rich in Vitamin C and contains only 10 calories per serving. The subtle aloe flavor provides a satisfying taste that awakens the senses with every sip.

Rosé wine from Pink Diesel

Pink Diesel is a rosé wine sustainably picked from a single source vineyard in Bandol, Provence region. Pale, crisp and dry with honey, peach and citrus undertones, this rosé wine is vegan and reasonably priced for its premium quality.

Sparkling organic Rosé from Think Wine

Vegan, organic and low in sugar, this new wine combines 11 percent ABV prosecco and sparkling rose. However, while some prosecco is vegan, many vintners use animal products in production. Moreover, typically no animal products are listed in the ingredients on the label. Additionally, in final processing, fining agents like blood, bone marrow and fish oil are used to filter the liquid. Fortunately, Think Wine’s prosecco uses none of these.

 Korean pear juice from PrePear

A delicious drink made from Korean pear, with no added sugar and just 49 calories per 120ml pouch, PrePear’s juice is vegan. Moreover, it’s touted as a great hangover cure. Accordingly, nutritionist Raoul-Edward Rechnitz from Picture of Health Nutrition says: “In a world seeking health hacks, it’s useful to explore other cultures’ practices. For instance, Koreans have consumed Korean Pear juice for generations to mitigate alcohol effects and hangovers.” Additionally, PrePear naturally contains enzymes ALDH and ADH, which metabolize alcohol and its harmful byproducts, potentially reducing negative effects on the body.

Fhirst living sodas

Introducing the world’s first all-natural, zero-sugar living soda, Fhirst combines gut-loving probiotics and prebiotic plant fiber. Available in three tasty flavors — ginger mandarin, cherry vanilla and passion fruit — these sodas claim to offer two billion living cultures, 5g prebiotic plant fiber and zinc, promoting gut, immune and brain health.

Barista milk range from Plenish

Plenish’s new range of barista milk offers a delicious, nutritionally balanced option for frothy lattes, free from unnecessary additives and refined oils. Moreover, as two-thirds of a latte is milk, it’s crucial to choose a barista milk that maintains ingredient integrity. Additionally, while many other barista milks use oils and additives for foam, Plenish Barista milks use 100 percent naturally sourced ingredients for silky smooth foam. Furthermore, the Plenish Barista range is available in oat, soya and almond varieties.  

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