Savor the flavor

Savor the flavor

The world’s top syrup manufacturers and award-winning drink-making professionals get ahead of this year’s trending syrup flavors used to fashion coffee and cocktail-based drinks

Every year, Monin launches an exciting range of new products. So what’s hot this year and what are the most intriguing pairings for the new offerings?
In 2019 MONIN introduced three new products in the Levant and Africa region, which are: Le Fruit de MONIN Williams Pear with its succulent, aromatic flavour, perfectly marrying cocktails, chocolate drinks, lemonades and deserts; Le Concentre de MONIN Green Tea with its tart notes, ideal for creative cocktails and iced teas; and trendy Le Sirop de MONIN Pink Peppercorn with its intense pink color, naturally sweet heart, unique spicy and aromatic punch that is just right for creative gin and tonics, cocktails and mocktails.

What trends have you noticed regionally/globally?
Health and wellness globally is forecast to grow at 3 percent over the next five years. CAGR between 2017 and 2022 in the MENA region is higher, at 7 percent over the same period. Consumers are in search of all-natural ingredients and MONIN is the right fit for such consumers as our products are made with natural ingredients, without any artificial colors, flavors and are GMO/gluten free. Also, as part of the health and wellness trend, plant-based diets have become popular as evidenced by last year’s 62 percent increase in plant-based claims in F&B products launched out of Europe. Dairy alternative milk is taking over shelves in supermarkets and in coffee shops. Twenty percent of Gen Z consumers worldwide are vegans. MONIN is an excellent fit for these consumers too, as about 90 percent of our products are suitable for vegans. How about a cup of delicious almond milk latte with Le Sirop de MONIN Salted Caramel? When it comes to the regional coffee trends, Spanish Latte is a hit. Initially made with condensed milk only, MONIN Beverage Innovators brought this trend to another level, playing with various Middle Eastern flavors and attractive color combinations.

As for the bar trends, low and zero ABV cocktails are the fastest-growing category. The most popular cocktail of last summer was Orange Spritz with its sparkling mouthfeel, refreshing orange taste and light bitter notes. We suggest using Le Sirop de MONIN Orange Spritz with sparkling water and alcoholic or non-alcoholic white wine to achieve the low or zero ABV Orange Spritz cocktail. Also, gin cocktails are booming all over the world, including our region. Why not use your favorite gin with Le Sirop de MONIN Pink Peppercorn and a splash of tonic water to satisfy your craving?

Olga Cassidy
Trade Marketing Manager MEIA

Abdelnoor Bahnam
HORECA 2019 Lebanese
Bartenders Competition winner

An increasing number of customers are asking for no sugar, low calorie drinks. That’s why big companies like Monin started making zero calorie naturally flavored products by blending natural sweeteners without any artificial ingredient to deliver the same authentic taste and bold aromas. Personally, I think that these new products will be a market hit in the coming years.

The most in demand choices when adding to coffee-based cocktails is regular sugar or vanilla syrup, because these don’t add any flavor, rather just introduce a sweet taste and lend the drink additional texture. As for what is trending, these will probably be rum related and I have a feeling that pineapple, which has always been popular, will make an even bigger jump alongside some herbs and spices. As for the most trending innovation in the top bars, cordials are high on the list. However, bars that are a step above the rest are buying smaller amounts of syrups, instead opting to spend their time and effort into creating new flavors, textures and acidity levels that work best with their take on what the offered cocktails should taste like.


Eric van Beek
2018 Bacardi Legacy Champion


(winner of flavor of the year 2019)
From origin to originality, this delicious blend of Madagascar vanilla and worldly spices is a must-try flavor experience. Add a touch of imagination and a hint of warm spice to lattes, mochas, iced coffee, dessert cocktails and more. Monin Vanilla Spice Syrup is a natural fit in hot, iced and frozen specialty coffee beverages, and offers sweet and spiced versatility in iced teas, lemonades, milkshakes and cocktails.

Elegant and subtle, this queen of flowers is unrivaled in flavor and reputation. Our Rose Syrup, with a rich aromatic flavor, adds a light, floral accent to springtime specialties and romantic cocktails. Monin Rose Syrup adds floral beauty to wine spirits, sodas, cocktails and mocktails.

Perfectly captures the flavour of the infused leaves of this fresh, astringent tea. A real mix of flavors, the true taste of the infusion is unmistakable, with a light touch of sugar.

Pure sugar syrup made from natural aroma with nice stewed rhubarb nose. Provides a rhubarb taste without being over sweet thanks to hint of freshness.

Speculoos is biscuit shaped (gingerbread men-style) supposedly to resemble Saint Nicolas and traditionally enjoyed during Advent, particularly in Belgium, the Netherlands, western Germany and northern France. Flavored with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and white pepper.

Produced by a family owned company in the Loire Valley, France, that mixes Matcha green tea with hot water and then adds beet sugar to make this flavored syrup.

Now, with dark spirits making a comeback and the cocktail culture hotter than ever, Coca-Cola is teaming up with some of the world’s most innovative mixologists to craft a line of mixers. Coca-Cola Signature Mixers will be sold exclusively in the U.K. starting in sleek Hutchinson glass bottles – a nod to the silhouette of the first-ever Coca-Cola bottle from 1894. Each batch is stamped with the signature of its co-creator.

Intense Elixir with rare ingredients, its precious aromas guarded secretly in a mysterious tinted bottle; raising coffee drinks and cocktails to a higher plane.

With one bottle making around 12 drinks, that’s a significant saving on existing pre-carbonated bottles. Soda Press Original Kombucha Syrup has a traditional sharp and slightly sour flavor with the addition of subtle crisp apple and peach notes.

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