Six enriching reads for World Book Day

Six enriching reads for World Book Day

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Celebrate World Book Day with six curated reads from Librairie Antoine, perfect for the ever-evolving world of hospitality.

The First-Time Manager: Leading Through Crisis

HR and leadership expert Paul Falcone guides managers through unforeseen workplace challenges. From individual crises to global issues, Falcone offers practical strategies for overcoming adversity. Whether handling disciplinary actions, internal disputes, or company-wide stress, this book equips managers with the tools to navigate any situation effectively. Drawing on his expertise, Falcone provides actionable advice to maintain a positive environment and lead through uncertainty. Furthermore, as a sequel to the go-to management manual, this book provides valuable insights for navigating unforeseen challenges in leadership roles.

How to Listen When Markets Speak

This book offers crucial insights for navigating today’s volatile economic landscape. Furthermore, the author McDonald, a former Lehman Brothers VP, unveils predictive models and actionable strategies to stay ahead. Mark Cuban praises its historical perspectives and invaluable lessons for every investor. The book helps readers navigate Fed policies to identify bullish trends in hard assets. Moreover, it equips readers with actionable strategies for staying ahead in the financial world.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Habit Tracker

Discover the habit tracker, a tool designed to streamline your journey towards achieving life goals. This tracker provides worksheets for planning, daily habit tracking, and progress checks. Furthermore, learn the foundational habits for personal and professional effectiveness and implement them into your daily routine. With easy-to-follow breakdowns and reflection questions, this book helps you realize your aspirations and cultivate lasting habits for success.


In this book, Kotler and John Caslione argue that today’s turbulent times are not an aberration but the new normal. They provide deep insights and practical strategies for navigating economic downturns and seizing opportunities. Moreover, with illuminating examples, they introduce a Chaotics Management System for minimizing vulnerability and exploiting opportunities. This timely guidance is indispensable for business leaders striving to survive and thrive in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Going on Offense

This book unveils insights from a Stanford study, exploring the successes and challenges of 26 organizations, including Apple, Tesla, and Amazon. Drawing from surveys and interviews, the book provides actionable advice for fostering innovation and overcoming decline. Additionally, readers can learn from the experiences of tech giants like Facebook and Google. Furthermore, they discover a practical playbook for achieving a winning mindset in today’s competitive landscape.

HBR Guide to Your Job Search

Discover how to strategically structure your job search. In addition, it teaches you how to effectively showcase your strengths through a compelling personal narrative. The book assists in leveraging networks, crafting standout resumes, acing interviews and positioning for success in new roles. This book empowers readers with actionable insights to take control of their career journey and achieve professional goals effectively.  Moreover, it provides a thorough roadmap for every job search stage, ensuring confident and clear navigation throughout the process.

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