Talking food concepts with Samer Hamadeh

Talking food concepts with Samer Hamadeh

Dubai-based entrepreneur Samer Hamadeh is a familiar face in the F&B scene. Here, he tells us more about introducing the Emmy Squared brand to the UAE and what motivates him.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced in opening Emmy Squared in the UAE?
The main challenge for any newly launched concept is finding the right location and landlord; it’s what makes or breaks a business.

Do you have any expansion plans or new concepts in development?
We plan on opening an Emmy Squared in Dubai next. As for new concepts, that’s pretty much all I know how to do. There a few amazing ones ready to roll out once I find the right space for them. Whether I’ll operate them under my group or franchise them is another story, though.

What is the secret behind building brands that people love?
I don’t know if I’d call it a secret, but I love seeing people enjoy themselves regardless of whether I was involved in the creation of that concept or not. When you’re focused on giving your customers the best experience possible, the brand sort of just falls into place.

What drives and motivates you?
Time motivates me, particularly being in control of my own time. I’ll find a way do almost anything, so long as that “anything” comes with the freedom to use my time as I see fit.

What is your business/life motto?
Before getting into anything, I always ask myself: what’s the worst that could happen? If I accept the risks then I’m all in. If I don’t, I walk away and never look back. | 

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