The sweet taste of success with BanoPuratos

The sweet taste of success with BanoPuratos

Serine Jaroudi, regional marketing manager of BanoPuratos Middle East, discusses the road to success, future products and gives us a sneak peek into the latest sustainable products by Belcolade.

What is behind the success of BanoPuratos?
Over the years, BanoPuratos has been driven by trust within its community and by passion for innovation. Since we are the go-to company, we turn market trends, technologies and experiences into business opportunities.

What can you tell us about the latest sustainable Belcolade products?
At Belcolade, we are building a truly sustainable future for cocoa, defined by the Cacao-Trac program, with a game-changing strategy that focuses on tastier chocolate and better value for all, from farmers to consumers. Our exceptional fermentation expertise, with an unparalleled international network of post-harvest centers, is key to creating superior chocolate.

If you were to invite chefs to try Belcolade products, what would you say?
Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate, has the ability to delight chocolate experts, offering the world’s chocolatiers, pastry chefs and bakers a wide range of premium chocolate to inspire them.

Do you have any upcoming projects?
Thanks to BanoPuratos’ 100 years of experience in developing products suited to the local market, as well as its expertise within its UAE, we will be releasing innovative products for the region.

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