U.S. dairy exports to the region increased by 20 percent in 2020

U.S. dairy exports to the region increased by 20 percent in 2020

U.S. dairy farmers traveled to the UAE on a trade mission to highlight their country’s long-term focus on exports to the region as the entire U.S. dairy industry increases its commitment to global sustainability best practices.

Over the last five years, skimmed-milk powder/non-fat dry milk and cheese accounted for about half of all U.S. dairy export volume to Middle East North Africa. However, demand increased during the pandemic and U.S. export value to the region grew 20 percent in 2020 to USD 328 million.

The farmers on the mission stated that over generations, U.S. dairy farms have improved efficiency and increased their ability to meet the growing global population. The long legacy of environmental stewardship is expanding to include ambitious environmental goals to become carbon neutral or better by 2050.

“Continual progress is an ever-present commitment from U.S. dairy farmers and suppliers,” said Krysta Harden, U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC), president and CEO. “The U.S. dairy community is accelerating adoption of new practices and technologies that use fewer resources and emit fewer greenhouse gases, including methane, while producing innovative and affordable products that nourish a growing global population.”

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Retailers, manufacturers, foodservice operators and consumers can count on the U.S. dairy community for sustainable innovation solutions that are healthful for both the body and the planet. Highlighting diverse in-market investments, U.S. farmers and suppliers engaged with regional trade across a wide-range of USDEC activities.

“We are committed to ensuring our sustainable U.S. dairy supply reaches across international markets and increases consumer demand for new, innovative dairy ingredients and cheeses,” said Larry Hancock, a U.S. dairy farmer from Texas and USDEC Board Chair. “I represent a diverse group of more than 31,000 U.S. dairy farmers across all 50 states that are united with U.S. dairy suppliers in delivering quality products and nutrition to support MENA as a food innovation hub.”

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