Staple of the coffee industry: Café Younes dives into the future of coffee

Staple of the coffee industry: Café Younes dives into the future of coffee

For years, Lebanese specialty coffee roaster Café Younes has been sourcing premium coffee beans from around the world and offering a multisensory coffee experience through its roasting methods and advanced coffee offering. Amin Younes, managing partner of Café Younes, discusses the latest coffee trends and the brand’s exciting expansion plans.

When it comes to coffee, how has consumer behavior changed post Covid-19?
The most noticeable post-Covid-19 trend is that customers have been replacing their office daily habits with working in coffee shops. They embraced this habit during the pandemic and realized it was very productive. After all, having your cup refilled every hour while finishing your tasks cannot be that bad!

How are coffee shops delivering the flavor and experience of coffee in different ways?
Nowadays, the most aggressive competitor for coffee shops is the home delivery craze that peaked during confinement. In order to regain the edge, coffee shop operators are developing creative coffee preparation methods that cannot be performed elsewhere while maintaining the same level of personal space that clients seek in the comfort of their homes.

What do you make of the current trend for custom-made coffee?
At Café Younes, we have always been fervent supporters of customization. We have created and retailed signature coffee blends based on the preference of our clients and introduced coffee beverages after several tastings with our regulars. I remember one of Café Younes’ first flavored beverages, an amaretto-flavored espresso, which saw the light in 1998 after many trials involving our guests.

Do you have any expansion plans?
Café Younes’ latest addition in Lebanon is in Batroun, where we have a lovely garden space which is part of Mayouli, a charming guesthouse. We expect to secure another location in Dubai for our Black Coffee by Café Younes concept. In addition, we are very excited about opening our first branch in Egypt in December. Stay tuned for further details!

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