Technology is changing the food & beverage industry

Technology is changing the food & beverage industry


Nouhad Dammous, editor-in-chief of Hospitality News Middle East, looks at how innovation is shaping F&B’s future

-The demand for technology is increasing in the food and beverage sectors due to digital opportunities and consumers’ focus on health.
-The customer’s diet is changing and their growing desire for a healthy lifestyle is persuading the food and beverage industry to follow the trend.
-The food and beverage industry is booming and will continue to do so in the coming years, driven forward by online orders, fast delivery of food at the counter, access to healthy and service robots.
-Numerous big organizations worldwide in many countries have already stopped using cutlery, plastic and plates, for example..
-The rise in growth of new e-commerce channels is proving to be challenging for all big players.
-The era of food delivery has brought convenience to customers and fueled the germination of food delivery business around the world.
-Evolving concepts, from traditional food recipes to ready-to-eat meals and food vending machines, has given customers a choice over habits and convenience over health.
-The guidelines which are regulating food safety and hygiene practices reflect the new emerging food industry, relating to the line of supply and featuring technical references covering areas like design structure, cleanliness,
maintenance, food hygiene and transportation protocols.
The standards have established brand perseverance and credibility by pushing ahead ideals for laying a strong foundation for innovation, new product development and adaptation of technologies to help market access.
Product quality will be the key selling point of companies to aid entry into various geographical locations.

Nouhad Dammous
Editor in Chief
Hospitality News Middle-East
Docteur Honoris Causa

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