The pastry people

The pastry people

We asked five pastry professionals from different countries in the region to give us the lowdown on their professional journeys and brands.

In a nutshell
We love sharing our passion for baking, and we always seek perfection in our work.

In March 2022, Chez Hilda partnered with Four Seasons Hotel in Amman for a Mother’s Day event called “A Nostalgic Mother’s Day.” The idea was to reintroduce Amman’s favorite cakes.
In June 2020, I was named one of the top 30 female business influencers in the region. Furthermore, in March 2017, we launched a new branch in Amman, as well as a gourmet
bistro concept.

Remaining competitive
Determination, innovation and creativity keep us at the top of our game. We also maintain excellent quality by using the best ingredients from all over the world, which differentiates us from our competitors.

Future plans
Many opportunities are yet to be explored, as our primary mission is to franchise the business to neighboring countries and expand it from regional to global.

It’s all in the name
Noura is a constant promise of pleasure. Since 1948, it’s been a brand synonymous with premium quality.

Noura’s business lines are catering, pastry, chocolates, ice cream, bakery and confectionery. Our pastry has been renowned for its quality, consistency and outstanding taste for more than 70 years. Our most recent openings include our new shop on the Jounieh highway, as well as our first location in Baghdad, Iraq.

Staying ahead
We do not really face fierce competition; we focus on maintaining the excellence of our products and service.

Noura is on an expansion mission in the region. Outside Lebanon, Iraq is the first market we have already entered, and we have plans to launch in Egypt, KSA and the UAE, and more countries will follow. We are in the process of choosing the right partners for each market.

We started out as a small shop serving home-cooked, hearty food and pastries. By using fresh ingredients of premium quality, we established our place in the market. Our customers are loyal and appreciate what we offer.

What’s special
Our pastry section is rich and varied, from simple dark chocolate cake and carrot cake, to more complex desserts, such as rose and raspberry cake.

Being creative can be a challenge at times, but quality is definitely key.

The future
I aim to make LA CASSEROLE an international brand.

Two words
Quality and service define our brand.

Competitive edge
The main challenge when it comes to maintaining a good reputation is to always be creative in order to stand out from the competition.

What the future holds
This year, I will be opening KAYU in Riyadh and PIKADO in the Ivory Coast. We are also planning to open KAYU Bistro in London in 2023.

Dessert destination
BRIX is a destination where you can experience the most unique desserts.

Until last October, we were a dessert bar offering one or two desserts. Now, we’ve developed the BRIX Journey – a story driven by two different menus, where you are taken through each course along with drink pairings. We are now creating new concepts where our guests can go and try BRIX with other products, as we also offer coffee and pastries.
We’re also very proud to be part of 3Fils, which won the recent MENA 50 Best Restaurants awards.

Always innovating
We are always delivering our best. We want to keep innovating. Creating unique desserts and experiences by learning and experimenting with new techniques and products is important. Every day, interesting
places are popping up. We are constantly inspired to create.

We change our menus every three months, so everyone can see BRIX’s evolution. We also plan to have BRIX in different places to deliver desserts and cakes for new audience to enjoy.

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