Em Tarek launches new line of products

Em Tarek launches new line of products

From zaatar to sour oranges and rose vinegar, Em Tarek’s new line of products celebrates old techniques, seasonality and indigenous and foraged products.

Chef Tarek Alameddine’s contemporary approach and Em Tarek’s traditional recipes have resulted in a product line that can now be incorporated in the kitchen for everyday cooking. Em Tarek is all about foraged and indigenous ingredients. Plenty of thought is given to each ingredient in order to preserve it in the finest possible way.

The product range includes: zaatar and summac, from the mountains of Mount Lebanon; akkoub, an excellent meat substitute; rose vinegar made using Damask roses; verjus (unripened grape juice), which is an excellent addition to marinations, sauces, and tabbouleh; and sour orange marmalade, a great addition to cheese platters and an outstanding addition to fattoush.

The products can be ordered on Instagram or via telephone, with worldwide shipping available.  

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