Floral design trends for hospitality in the Middle East

Floral design trends for hospitality in the Middle East

With over 200 monthly events on the horizon, florists in the UAE must prepare for a busy period, incorporating 2023 trends and future 2024 designs. Rufina Zharapova, owner of  Rufinella Studio UAE, talks floral trends in hospitality.

Recently, the prevailing trend in floral arrangements has focused on garden-inspired aesthetics. These arrangements evoke the charm of a flourishing garden. Thus, the beauty of fresh flowers harmoniously mingles with the vivid hues of luscious fruits and vegetables. This combination transforms floral compositions into idyllic pastoral fantasies.

Here are some of the other trends to look out for:

Themed green elegance

In the world of floral design, themed arrangements have gained popularity. Therefore, I recommend embracing a natural theme and opting for a carefully curated color palette. Furthermore, the opulent spectrum of greens offers a plethora of possibilities. Thus, consider shades like zesty lime, soothing sage, or opulent emerald for a remarkable touch.

 Stylish hotchpotch  

It has been a common practice among my floristry colleagues in 2023 to combine the incompatible. And it works! This approach has impressed the public. Although some may call it strange, it is most definitely eclectic when it’s done correctly. Personally, I draw inspiration from Prada window displays. Therefore, find something memorable that inspires you and add a personal whimsical twist to it.

 Opting for originality

This is not to say that the classics will be forgotten. It is highly unrealistic to expect that the demand for roses, orchids or peonies will cease to exist. However, we need more creativity. One needs to explore the road less traveled in order for the floral designs to stand out. Nowadays, flower varieties that are not easily found in the market are trending. Thus, this highlights a shift in style that florists are most likely to experience.

Floral designs with a sustainability focus

This emerging floral design trend emphasizes the utilization of locally-sourced, seasonal flowers. Thereby fostering eco-friendly and sustainable floral arrangements. Furthermore, key elements of this trend encompass the repurposing of containers and the adoption of biodegradable floral foam. Additionally, sustainable floral compositions may integrate dried flowers to extend their longevity and reduce waste.

Rufina Zharapova,
Owner of  Rufinella Studio UAE
seller of Flowwow

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