The making of a culinary destination with gastropreneur Joey Ghazal

The making of a culinary destination with gastropreneur Joey Ghazal

Meet Joey Ghazal, a distinguished commercial developer and gastropreneur behind The Maine New England Brasserie. As the founder of Fighterbrands, he’s recognized for global concepts, including the dynamic Canary Club

What can you tell us about the partnership between The Maine Group and Innovision Holding?

The partnership made a great deal of sense. We both share the same vision and passion for experiential dining that satisfies the palate and captures the imagination. I have always focused on creating destination hot spots located in dense residential neighborhoods, and Canary Club in JLT was no different. Furthermore, Amjad Barakat & Jamal Wick, founders of Innovision Holding, have enjoyed great success internationally with Brunch & Cake. They bring a complementary set of strengths and an innovation that meshes with our expertise in creating atmospheric dining destinations. This collaboration is about combining resources; it’s about uniting a shared ethos for excellence. It also displays a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the culinary scene in the city. Together, we’re making Canary Club a beacon of lifestyle and food in Dubai.

In your opinion, what distinguishes a regular restaurant from a culinary destination?

The essence of any culinary destination lies in its ability to tell a complete story that evokes emotions which resonate, creating memorable moments for our guests. Unlike a regular restaurant, a multi-faceted culinary destination like Canary Club offers an immersive, multisensory experience that engages the senses. Our meticulous attention to detail, inspired by vibrant West Coast charm, combined with innovative culinary creations, distinguishes us in the industry. Moreover, every aspect of Canary Club is designed to offer a slice of escapism. Consequently, it not just a place to eat, but a vibrant social hub to experience and enjoy.

What factors do you believe contribute to making a culinary destination like Canary Club successful?

Canary Club’s success stems from synergy between The Maine Group and Innovision Holding, merging hospitality expertise with innovative approaches for excellence. Canary Club’s multistory location in JLT is designed by Fighterbrands. The branch offers a multitude of spaces and experiences that guests can choose from. Thus, from lunch in the dining room to late-night drinks on Tikis rooftop, Canary Club offers diverse experiences for frequent visits. This is the secret sauce that truly makes Canary Club a sought-after destination.

How do you ensure that Canary Club maintains a sense of community while catering to an upscale clientele?

In our journey with The Maine and now with Canary Club, we’ve consistently prioritized fostering a sense of community. This involves creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. By actively engaging with our guests, listening to their feedback and incorporating it into our offerings, we enhance the sense of belonging. Moreover, our events, collaborations and members club are designed to bring people together, celebrating the diverse cultures in Dubai. While catering to an upscale clientele, Canary Club remains a space where authentic connections are fostered, emphasizing inclusivity and community. Thus we ensure every guest feels an integral part of our community.

What expansion plans do you have in store for the future, both locally and internationally?

Looking ahead, we are excited about the future of Canary Club. Guided by our vision, we aim to replicate Canary Club’s unique experience in new locales, both within the UAE and globally. We are carefully exploring opportunities that align with our brand values and where we believe we can make an impact. Our commitment is to bring the essence of Canary Club’s culinary excellence and vibrant ambience to new communities. Consequently, we want to ensure that in every new location, we remain true to our ethos of innovation, quality and engagement.


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