How European fruits and vegetables are bringing la dolce vita to the UAE

How European fruits and vegetables are bringing la dolce vita to the UAE

Over the last six months, European fruits and vegetables have flourished in the UAE.

CSO, the Italian fruit and vegetable cooperative, participated in the Specialty Food Festival in Dubai, where Italian companies, including Apofruit and Oranfrizer, (Unifrutti Group), showcased a range of products, such as apples, kiwis, artichokes and citrus fruit fresh juices grown and harvested from across Italy.

Recently, CSO hosted an Italian day, which was characterized by two workshops that took place at Top Chef Dubai. Both workshops focused on the European kiwifruit and the European apple that are currently available in Dubai.

The first workshop was hosted by the Italian Chef Aira Piva. He taught participants two recipes that enable the fruits’ flavors to perfectly flourish and make the pies as delicious as they look.

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The European fruit pie workshop was followed by the fruit mocktail workshop led by Nana Sechere, a mixologist known as one of the premier instructors and beverage professionals in the region.  During the workshop, three different mocktails have been prepared:

  1. Hazel Highball – A kiwi, ginger & hazelnut twist

  2. Kenyan Coffee Martini – A natural pairing between kiwi, apple and cold brew mokha pairing

  3. Roman Fizz – A divine and delicious mocktail dedication to the apple

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