Italian Pinsa brand Pinsanity debuts in Saudi Arabia

Italian Pinsa brand Pinsanity debuts in Saudi Arabia

Italian Pinsa brand Pinsanity® is further expanding its portfolio in the region, announcing the introduction of its first international operational outlets in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Pinsa was created before the invention of pizza in ancient Rome, using a mix of cereals. This mix of flours and a high water content makes pinsa low in calories, extremely light and digestible. The dough is stretched out into an oval shape, unlike its round cousin: pizza.

The homegrown brand’s primary location in KSA opened last August. Pinsaty’s footprint will be further strengthened with two more branches, which will open in Olaya and Qurtubah over the coming months.

Set up as cloud kitchens in partnership with Kitopi KSA, the outlets will focus on delivering to local areas, making the brand more accessible to residents and new customers.

Alessandro D’ubaldo, founder at Pinsanity®, said: “We are extremely excited to launch the first international Pinsanity outlets in Riyadh. Opening in Saudi Arabia was simply a matter of time, and we wanted to ensure we had the perfect locations for our branches. Pinsanity® saw great success in the UAE, and the Saudi Arabian market is a great expansion step, leading the way for future openings in the country and beyond. Riyadh will definitely be a key stepping stone for the brand as a whole.”

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Manuel Oliveira, director of growth at Kitopi, said: “The brand has made an immense mark in the UAE and only continues to grow within the region and we are glad to be their partner in such success.”

The lineup of new openings of Pinsanity® will be exclusively available in Saudi Arabia through Hunger Station.

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