In-flight catering services to reach USD 21B by 2027

In-flight catering services to reach USD 21B by 2027

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As the travel industry prepares to witness exponential growth following measures to manage and control Covid-19, the in-flight catering services market size is anticipated to record a valuation of USD 21 billion by 2027, according to the most recent study by Global Market Insights Inc.

Providers of in-flight catering services are adopting key strategies, such as partnerships and acquisitions, to expand their reach and customer base. They are also coming up with new facilities to meet the rising passenger requirements. For instance, in April 2020, Dnata — a major Dubai-based airport services firm — partnered with Aer Lingus in order to operate its catering services. Through this partnership agreement, Dnata offered catering services to all the latter’s flights departing from Dublin. LSG Group, Gate Gourmet and Saudi Airlines Catering are some other major industry participants.

First-class passenger seating to become more popular
Annual remuneration from the first-class aircraft seating segment is expected to record nearly 14 percent of the in-flight catering services’ market share in the analysis timeline. The growth is ascribed to the increasing preference for luxurious class travel by wealthy people. In addition, the price of this class is expected to be approximately five times more than business class.

In-house sourcing to grow
Demand for in-house sourced in-flight catering services is anticipated to exceed USD 5.5 billion by 2027. This is mainly owing to the insufficiency of airlines that offer in-house catering services across the world. Moreover, in-house catering services can be put together easily with limited available options, such as vegetables, salads and fruits. In addition, the higher prices associated with full-course meals and the ease of availability of the outsourced meals at a relatively lower price will boost the in-flight catering services market progression.

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Rising intake of bakery and confectionery items
The in-flight catering services’ market share from bakery and confectionery is poised to witness a growth rate of more than six percent through 2027, due to the higher provision of several bakery and confectionery items, including chocolates, muffins, biscuits, pastry, desserts and snack bars during flight hours. Breakfast cookies, as well as savory snack mixes, are also provided as a complimentary treat by some of the world’s leading airlines, as these sweets aid in limiting the impacts of in-flight sickness. However, the increasing concerns over sensitive and allergen food items have paved the way for a host of cautionary methods.

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