Kitchenlab and Reem E. Azoury Join Forces

Kitchenlab and Reem E. Azoury Join Forces

Kit-Lab x KitchenLab & Reem Azoury

Youmna Ziadé Karam and Michelle Gebeily launched Kitchenlab (Lebanon) in 2013 as a place offering hands-on and virtual cooking classes. Recently, the duo has teamed up with talented developer and cooking instructor Reem E. Azoury, who brings a wealth of experience to the mix. Together, they are working on the launch of a new meal kit delivery concept called Kit-Lab. We speak to Lamia Maatouk, GM at KitchenLab, to learn more. 

Can you tell us about Kit-Lab?

It is a meal kit delivery service designed for home cooks. Each kit includes cut, seasoned, portioned fresh ingredients and a recipe with tips and secrets to cook a deliciously nourishing meal that’s quick and easy to prepare.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced with the product?

Sourcing ingredients was a little difficult, but we were able to solve this issue by applying smart menu engineering. By supporting local producers as much as possible, we constantly fine-tune the menu to adapt to the economic challenges we are facing in Lebanon.

When do you expect to meet your targets?

In normal times, it would take between eight and 12 months to properly test and perfect such a concept. However, with people going out less and not spending as much, they are more inclined to cook and enjoy restaurant-quality food at home. We therefore plan to meet our expectations by spring 2021.

Any future plans?

We have been approached by local and foreign investors interested in acquiring a franchise or partnering up. We strongly believe in this cloud kitchen/delivery business model because of our unique offering, which has widespread appeal in several markets and countries.

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