Le Pré partners with Gabriel Bocti s.a.l.

Le Pré partners with Gabriel Bocti s.a.l.

Le Pré, a Lebanese brand of juices and vinegars, has been experiencing rapid growth despite challenging circumstances in Lebanon that have impacted the private sector.

With the objective of sustaining and growing its operations domestically, a partnership has been established with Gabriel Bocti s.a.l., an independent family-owned distribution company in the food and beverage industry. With more than 50 years of experience, its portfolio today includes some of the best and most prestigious brands.

The new partnership’s goal is to help grow the brand and pave the way for many more fruitful collaborations, inspiring people to choose pure and premium consumables so they can experience a healthier lifestyle.

Le Pré is working on a range of exciting projects to be developed in the MENA region and internationally.


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