Q6 Catering scoops several awards in Greece

Q6 Catering scoops several awards in Greece

 A life-long passion for food and culinary arts describes George Khalil, founder and GM of Q6 Bistro & Catering, UAE. In an exclusive interview, he tells us more about his recent award and striving for excellence.

Q6 Catering recently won three Ambassadors of Taste stars and the Gold Award of Ambassadors of Taste for Global Gastronomy. How important are such accolades to you?
It was a pleasure and a privilege to participate in the third Ambassadors of Taste for Global Gastronomy in Greece, and a beautiful opportunity for Q6 Catering to be a part of such a strong culinary community that supports cultural exchange. This award provides reassurance that we are moving in the right direction with our vision, and we should remain committed to delivering top-quality products and services.

What defines a great caterer?
A great caterer has an innovative approach and a great love for food as well as a never-ending quest for sourcing the finest ingredients from across the globe.

What are your upcoming projects?
There is a great deal going on, especially before the beginning of the season in Dubai, so you will be seeing many changes happening as part of our short- and long-term brand vision.

Are you planning to expand Quartier 6ème Le Bistro beyond the UAE?
We aim to consistently deliver the best gourmet food at our bistro and to provide the highest quality throughout our bespoke catering, so as a long-term plan and strategy, we are definitely working on expanding our operation in the region and beyond.


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