Nescafé celebrates coffee farmers and their communities

Nescafé celebrates coffee farmers and their communities

Nescafé launched ‘Grown Respectfully’ to express how it works in a respectful way to deliver you a great-tasting cup of coffee every day.

The campaign encapsulates Nescafé’s work since 1938, to help farmers grow more and better coffee via Nescafé Plan’s three pillars – respect for farmers, respect for communities and respect for the planet.

Grown Respectfully reflects also how Nescafé contributes to Nestlé’s broader company purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

“From the day Nescafé was invented 80 years ago, sustainability has been at the heart of our iconic brand,” said Mario Vera, VP, global communications, beverages, Nestlé. “Consumers are increasingly interested in sourced products. They want to know where the coffee beans come from and how they are produced.”

“Through Grown Respectfully, Nescafé will convey real and inspiring farmer experiences. We will also bring to life the tremendous contribution farming communities make in providing quality coffee to consumers worldwide,” he added.

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Using various channels, including product packaging, Grown Respectfully will help communicate the full breadth and depth of Nescafé Plan’s sustainability program, and its impact on people and the planet.

The Nescafé Plan was first launched in 2010, and by 2020 Nescafé will have invested CHF 350 million under it.

With a network of over 300+ agronomists, Nescafé provides training and technical assistance on good agriculture practices to more than 100’000 farmers every year to improve coffee productivity and quality. It has also distributed 160 million high-yielding coffee plantlets to renew ageing trees, support better farmer incomes and livelihoods, and aim to distribute 220 million by 2020.


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