Leading by example with Panos Panagis, GM and district director of Radisson Hotel Group Oman

Leading by example with Panos Panagis, GM and district director of Radisson Hotel Group Oman

Panos Panagis, general manager and district director of Radisson Hotel Group Oman, is a detail-oriented leader who always strives to bring out the best in people. In an exclusive interview with Hospitality News ME, Panagis discusses his empowering management style and the secret behind his success.

What have been the greatest contributions you’ve made to the group’s success?
From the very start, we focused on hiring the right talent in all departments; after all, a great team is the secret to a successful organization. Bringing together passionate hoteliers who are driven by ambition was my approach to developing the business. Along with fellow leaders, we prioritized performance across all levels of the organization. We all agreed that fostering an engaging, personable approach with our dedicated teams would yield better results.
My greatest achievement has been to strengthen the relationship we have with the hotel owners. We successfully operate seven hotels, and there are three more in the pipeline. Furthermore, a crucial aspect of our accomplishment lies in revenue generation. We have adapted our sales strategy over the years, showcasing the team’s resilience and adaptability and increasing market share. Our commitment to fostering fruitful partnerships has been instrumental in driving our company’s success.
I believe that my creativity in managing differences, designing change and introducing innovative ideas has driven revenue across all our properties.

What is the secret to offering exceptional guest experiences and optimizing revenue?
In my opinion, the key to providing exceptional guest experiences lies in understanding the needs and preferences of guests through the analysis of data and face-to-face interactions during their stay, ensuring that these are aligned. By tailoring our services, we can generate positive reviews and retain business. We will continue to train our staff to deliver excellent guest service and effectively upsell products and services.
The committed approach to using data analytics is increasingly important in the field of revenue generation. At Radisson Hotel Group, we have developed centers of Revenue Excellence to help us maximize revenue across many destinations.

How would you describe your leadership style and how do you ensure that your team reaches its full potential?
One of the greatest joys in business is to see team members grow and evolve. My role is to support passionate and committed employees to become the next generation of leaders.
It is important to establish clear expectations and provide constructive feedback to guide the team. I make time to meet with my staff; I focus on empathetic listening, ensure open lines of communication and nurture an environment where everyone feels comfortable in sharing their ideas, concerns and aspirations. The process involves assigning challenging projects and facilitating cross-functional collaborations. By being given new responsibilities, team members can showcase what they have learned.
As a leader, I believe in leading by example. I advocate a strong work ethic, commitment to excellence and exceptional hospitality services. By consistently demonstrating these qualities, I create a culture of high performance and motivate my team to produce the best work.

How do you evaluate the Omani market and how does Hormuz Grand Muscat, a Radisson Collection Hotel, cater to the ever-changing demands of consumers?
Beauty has an address — this is how I would describe Oman. It showcases traditional values and Middle Eastern hospitality. This authenticity makes it an attractive leisure destination. Through Radisson Hotel Group’s strong focus on sales and revenue management, we have the tools to analyze and predict the demand for our hotels in the future.
I believe that the art of hospitality lies in the service you deliver. My team offers a very personalized approach to taking care of guests. Constant engagement with our guests is what makes it an enjoyable experience, and this is what differentiates us from our competitors. Our property is exceptional, but the magic of good service is the real key. Our focus remains on charismatic Omani hospitality and the balance of tradition with modernity to showcase the country.

What are your plans for the hotel?
Although emerging technologies, evolving customer preferences and new competitive entities are important factors, an outstanding hospitality experience will always require a thoughtful human touch. My team will continue offering guests memorable hotel experiences, uniquely tailored to their needs. Our meetings and events offering will remain one of the strongest in the city of Muscat thanks to our personalized approach and the physical product that we have built in the last three years. We will also continue to invest in our teams and focus on authentic experiences while exploring a more sustainable approach to doing business.
Oman is a gem, and our focus at Radisson Hotel Group is to deliver a personalized and engaging luxury product by combining Oman’s welcoming hospitality and natural beauty with our trusted international experience.


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