What’s making waves on the green coffee scene

What’s making waves on the green coffee scene

Maria Barquin, green coffee merchant at SUCAFINA Specialty, explains how post-harvesting innovation is driving shifts in behaviors among the region’s coffee lovers.

As a green coffee supplier with boots on the ground in 33 countries, we recognize the importance of anticipating trends and consumer preferences. To help do this,
we keep in close communication with our customers, primarily roasters, and our supply chain partners at origin. All along the supply chain there are multiple points where consumer preferences and trends can be perceived and acted upon.

Understanding on the rise
In the case of the MENA region, consumers tend to prefer naturally processed coffees which are less acidic and have higher sweetness, fuller body and fruity flavors. For this reason, we have, historically, found greater demand for Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees. However, we have seen increased demand for Colombian and El Salvadorean coffees in recent years, thanks to the innovations at the post-harvesting levels in these countries.

Putting sustainability at the core of operations
Sustainability has long been at the heart of the way we do business. Sustainably produced and sourced coffees are huge priorities for many roasters and consumers, so we are always looking to bring these coffees to market. We also look for opportunities to transform harvest and post-harvest practices within our own vertically integrated supply chains. There’s been a real interest in experimentally processed coffees recently. Many of these have the potential to reduce water usage and thus present sustainability solutions long term and we’ve worked with our producing partners to make sure we are able to source these coffees and supply roasters with high-quality, cutting edge and sustainably produced coffees that meet these demands.

Diverse offerings for demanding consumers
We source coffee from 25 different countries across all four producing continents, enabling us to purchase higher-end qualities, including regional blends, certified coffees, estate lots, micro lots, experimentally processed coffees, exotic varieties and more. We provide full traceability information for these coffees, including details such as producer name, grade, region, altitude, varieties and processing method.

Maria Barquin,
Green coffee merchant at SUCAFINA

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