The Syndicate of Restaurants, Cafes, Night Clubs and Pastries in Lebanon gather together to kick-start the summer season

The Syndicate of Restaurants, Cafes, Night Clubs and Pastries in Lebanon gather together to kick-start the summer season

The Syndicate of Restaurants

The Restaurant Owners Association gathered together tourism stakeholders on May 15 to celebrate “Together, Strengthening Our Union and Renewing Resilience.”

Among the attendees were Lebanese Minister of Tourism H.E. Walid Nassar; governor of Beirut judge Marwan Abboud; president of the economic committee and former minister Mohammad Choucair; Nicolas Chammas, Secretary General of the economic committees and president of the Beirut Traders Association; Brigadier general Gerard Nasr, head of the tourism police, also attended the event, showing strong support for tourism initiatives. Key industry leaders included Pierre Achkar, president of the Federation of Tourist Unions; Jean Beyrouthy, its Secretary-General; Nicolas Abou Khater, president of the Lebanese Businessmen and Women Association also participated.

Furthermore, Joumana Dammous, managing director of Hospitality Services and member of the Lebanese Franchise Association, and Gaby Ferneini, president of Rebirth Beirut, were present alongside advisory members and the union’s board of directors.

Members of the press syndicate, including Jad Haidar, were also in attendance at the important event; Secretary of the economic committees Alphonse Dib; and economic journalist Joseph Farah were present as well.

The gathering

President Tony Ramy welcomed attendees, highlighting that the group image captured embodies the event’s theme, fostering optimism and high spirits. He praised the restaurant sector for its crisis management and resilience, attributing it to the heroism of colleagues. In his statement, he said: “The creators of joy and their establishments stand as Lebanon’s enduring treasures despite challenging circumstances.”

A discussion was held, with each expert highlighting the importance of strengthening collaborations and fostering resilience. Nicolas Chammas, head of the Beirut Traders Association, stated: “In navigating the current landscape, the industry confronts significant hurdles regarding social security for our valued employees and budgetary constraints. However, amid these challenges, we’ve witnessed remarkable growth, particularly in Lebanese manufacturing, tourism, and various other sectors, in recent years.”

Lebanon summer’s season

Ramy announced revealed the opening of 50 new restaurants managed by elite restaurateurs. He stated: “Today, we commence the summer tourist season with the opening of 50 new restaurants, as well as the introduction of five global franchise brands. The tourism sector is fully prepared to offer the highest level of services. Furthermore, preparations are underway with industry stakeholders who have united to share their plans and vision. Moreover, tourism faces two options: it will either endure day by day, fulfilling its duties or this season will be exceptional.”

Highlights from the gathering

Minister of Tourism H.E. Walid Nassar, head of the Lebanese Economic Committees Mohammad Choucair, the governor of Beirut judge Marwan Abboud and other dignitaries delivered speeches. The meeting was concluded with the following joint statement:

The attendees praised the activity of the Restaurant Owners Association and its efforts. Furthermore, they stressed the tourism sector’s crucial role as a catalyst for all productive sectors and the backbone of the economy. Finally, the meeting provided an opportunity to enhance communication between attendees, characterized by constructive dialogue and idea exchange. They agreed that joint efforts guarantee the continuity of the private sector. The statement concluded by affirming that solidarity and effort would be the true drivers of success in the summer tourist season. Finally, participants expressed solidarity with the Lebanese in South Lebanon, wishing for peace and tranquility to prevail in Lebanon in the future.


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