Valrhona unveils their 6 latest innovations during Sirha

Valrhona unveils their 6 latest innovations during Sirha

Celebrating its 100 years, Valrhona has created a range of unique and recognizable aromatic profiles by perfecting techniques for enhancing the flavor of rare cocoa beans grown on land masterfully selected for its terroir. The brand unveiled its latest innovations during Sirha, January 19-23, 2023, where Norohy’s Tadoka won the prestigious Innovation Award. 

To celebrate its anniversary and 100 years of ethics, Valrhona created Komuntu 80% chocolate with 100 ethically minded people, including cocoa partners, suppliers, employees and customers.
Serving as a link that binds the 100 people together, Komuntu is a contraction of “Komunumo,” which means “community” in Esperanto, and “Ubuntu,” an African concept that means “I am because we are.”
Made from a complex blend of cocoa beans sourced from the four corners of the world, this couverture chocolate represents the special bonds that Valrhona maintains with its 15 cocoa-producing partners. This unique chocolate is the result of a long process that blends beans from different origins, an area of expertise truly unique to Valrhona. Its aromatic profile strikes a true balance between powerful cocoa and harmonious flavors, complementing the existing range of Valrhona couvertures perfectly. The result is a dark chocolate with an 80% cocoa percentage and an aromatic profile that reveals a powerful woody and bitter taste on the palate, supported by notes of roasted cocoa nibs.
Commenting on the product Melanie Morea, pastry chef at L’ecole Valrona, said: “Anyone who loves intense chocolate will appreciate Komuntu in pastries or chocolates. Its woody character with hints of roasted cocoa nibs works as well with nuts as it does with tangy or sweet berries.”

Valrhona also recently introduced Hukambi 53%, the first ombré couverture that flaunts the codes of classic gastronomy, interfusing the indulgence of milk with the powerful aromas of Brazilian cocoa. Thanks to its combination of Brazilian cocoa, French milk and Madagascan vanilla, this chocolate’s powerful cocoa flavor blends beautifully with the sweetness of the milk. The bitter yet subtly sweet chocolate offers surprising notes of fruit and cookies, creating all-new flavor sensations; it is an invitation to discover new aromatic territory.

Norohy’s Tadoka
Aware of the constraints that foodservice professionals encounter, Norohy created TADOKA, boasting the right dose of vanilla. Made of five ingredients: vanilla concentrate, cocoa butter, powdered Planifolia vanilla pods (Madagascar origin), powdered Tahitensis vanilla pods (Papua New Guinea origin) and vanilla beans. A small dose of TADOKA helps chefs obtain the right aromatic balance. The product’s unique combination of woody and spicy aromas of Madagascar vanilla, and floral aromas and aniseed vanilla from Papua New Guinea is ideal for savory and sweet dishes. Its texture allows rapid melting for instant flavoring in a single gesture.

Norohy’s Vanilla Pods
Mexico is the historic cradle of vanilla, discovered by the Totonac people, residing in the coastal regions of the Gulf of Mexico, they were the first to cultivate this special orchid. They called it “caxixanath” which means “hidden flower”. Very popular for its medicinal virtues and its flavoring power, legend has it that the Aztecs also used vanilla pods to soften the bitterness of their cocoa drinks.
Intended for professionals and individuals in search of quality and reliability, the Mexican vanilla reference Norohy, presents a complex and intense profile sought after by the greatest chefs revealing notes specific to the terroir: woody, cocoa, and prune.

Norohy’s orange blossom
Suitable for the cultivation of citrus fruits thanks to its mild and temperate climate and the richness of its soil, the region of Cap Bon was historically chosen for the establishment of bitter orange trees.
The distillation of orange blossom water, an emblematic product of the region,  represents ancestral and artisanal know-how that is transmitted from one generation to the next. Norohy’s organic orange blossom water instantly aromatizes culinary creations by releasing subtle citrus notes and white flowers.

Norohy’s Arabica organic coffee paste
Ethiopia — especially the Oromia region — is nicknamed the cradle of coffee and has been cultivating it since the 12th century using traditional methods.
To make this coffee bean paste, the Norohy team played on many parameters to transcribe the aromatic complexity of an infusion of coffee beans. To maximize the product’s aromatic potential Norohy’s team followed a carefully crafted manufacturing process made of coffee cherries selected from the Oromia region, more specifically on the Guji terroir, recognized for its fruity and floral aromatic notes. These coffee cherries are then dried to obtain a so-called natural coffee.
Norohy’s 100% Arabica organic coffee paste will instantly bring a taste of intense roasted and fruity coffee to any creation while bringing the ideal balance between bitterness and acidity thanks to optimal roasting.
For 100 years, Valrhona has brought out the best in chocolate and has supported cocoa producers and chefs. True to its pledge, the company tirelessly seeks to create a fair, sustainable cocoa industry while inspiring creative and responsible gastronomy. Choosing Valrhona means committing to chocolate that respects both people and the planet. The brand is dedicated to the creation of unique, artisan-quality chocolate with complex, balanced and consistent flavors.

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