Why Australian meat is growing more popular in the GCC

Why Australian meat is growing more popular in the GCC


Sam Gill

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), a producer-owned company, provides marketing, research and development services for the Australian cattle, sheep and goat industries.

MLA in the MENA region works with retailers, foodservice operators, importers, manufacturers and Australian exporters to maintain and increase the demand for halal red meat and livestock to the region.

The Australian meat and livestock industry is a key supplier of safe, nutritious and halal-certified meat to the MENA and assists in ensuring food security of the region.

In an interview, Sam Gill, regional manager for MLA, said: “The country of origin has become a rather important consideration, with around 50 percent of consumers in the GCC favoring Australian as an already-trusted supplier of red meat over other import suppliers. The combination of an unspoiled, wide and open environment as well as an unwavering commitment to quality is what makes our product so special.”

With consumers prioritizing health and safety when choosing ingredients, it is important to highlight that the Australian meat industry implements world-leading practices and employs the latest technologies in processing and packing to deliver wholesome, safe food to Middle Eastern markets.

In addition, Australia’s halal program is recognized worldwide as one of the most rigorously enforced halal systems in the world.

“Premium Australian meat brings traditional flavor to my table in both quality and texture,” added Gill. “Consumers will find it as delicious as, or perhaps even tastier than, dishes made from local meat.”

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