5 questions with Amin Younes, managing partner at Café Younes

5 questions with Amin Younes, managing partner at Café Younes

Black Coffee by Café Younes, a concept by Lebanese specialty coffee roaster Café Younes, debuted in Dubai its first international outlet, selecting a strategic location on Sheikh Zayed Road – Duja Tower. 

Black Coffee by Café Younes was established as a brand thoroughly specialized on sourcing premium coffee beans from around the world and focused on offering a multi-sensorial coffee experience through our roasting methods and our advanced coffee offering.

The concept has been successful in its homegrown market since its launch in 2018.

HN spoke to Amin Younes, managing partner at Café Younes, to discover more about the place and his business development plans.

Tell us more about your debut in Dubai and why did you pick this city?

The specialty coffee segment has become a key driver of growth in the UAE’s food and beverage industry. In Dubai specifically, we have been seeing, and for the past few years, more of a shift towards specialty coffee, with demand for high grade, premium coffee on the rise, making Dubai a global coffee destination.

How are you planning to overcome challenges and market competition?

Black Coffee by Café Younes enjoys key brand differentiators that will set it apart in the UAE, which has become a dynamic specialty coffee market in the region. Our passion for coffee, from sourcing, roasting, brewing to crafting the perfect cup, stems since 1935, the year the company was founded. Moreover, our engaged team members, our inspired service, and our thoughtful food offering have become a distinctive model for the success of our brand.

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Is the new branch a franchise? Who is your partner if yes.

Black Coffee by Café Younes has in the UAE partnered with Mazrui International, a privately held diversified company, to establish and grow the brand in the country. Black Coffee by Café Younes will be managed by its 3rd generation owners, Amin and Faysal Younes.

Are you planning to expand the concept within the UAE?

Black Coffee is a highly scalable and adaptable concept, with a distinctive multi-format feature. As such, and given UAE’s position as a global specialty coffee destination, our ambition is to scale the brand in the country. We have already selected a strategic location on Sheikh Zayed Road – World Trade Center area, which is currently under fit-out and is expected to open soon

Any plans to expand to other GCC countries and to other areas?

Dubai has been selected as our first international destination, and will be followed by Saudi Arabia, which is another key specialty coffee market. We are also eyeing an entry to Europe, when the time is right.

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