Bakkal Turkish Grocery opened at Turkish Village

Bakkal Turkish Grocery opened at Turkish Village

Welcome to Bakkal: Your Premier Destination for Authentic Turkish Grocery Delights in Jumeirah 1, Dubai

Discover the latest one-stop shop for artisanal Turkish produce covering the entire grocery spectrum at Bakkal in Jumeirah 1, Dubai. In partnership with Bakkal Turkish Grocery, this gourmet grocer is your ultimate destination for high-quality Turkish delights conveniently located on the ground floor of Turkish Village.

Explore a diverse range of fresh, dried, and frozen goods, carefully imported from Turkey on a weekly basis. Bakkal, meaning “grocery store” in English, is meticulously curated to provide everything you need for enjoying authentic day-to-day Turkish cuisine at home. Uncover specialty items that are often challenging to source elsewhere in the city, making Bakkal a unique and essential addition to Dubai’s culinary landscape.

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Embark on a culinary journey with Bakkal, where each product is thoughtfully chosen to enhance your Turkish gastronomic experience. Visit us today and indulge in the finest Turkish flavors right in the heart of Jumeirah 1.

Bakkal Turkish Grocery is the new one-stop shop in Jumeirah 1, Dubai, catering to all your artisanal Turkish grocery needs.


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