Alain Ducasse to debut restaurant in Beirut

Alain Ducasse to debut restaurant in Beirut


Star chef Alain Ducasse will be opening his first restaurant in Beirut. “We have signed an MOU and are now in the process of negotiating details,” Rita Saad, ‎director of marketing and public relations at Le Gray, Beirut told HN.


She explained that the plan is for a restaurant and a chocolate boutique. The opening dates were not revealed.


Ducasse became the first chef to own restaurants carrying three Michelin Stars in three cities. The New York restaurant was dropped from the 2007 Michelin Guide because the restaurant was scheduled to close. Ducasse has become known through his writing and influences. Ducasse is also only one of two chefs to hold 21 Michelin stars throughout his career.


On November 23, 2012 IDAM opened its doors in Doha (Qatar) in the heart of the Museum of Islamic Art at a tip of the Arabian Peninsula. It was Alain Ducasse’s first restaurant in the Middle East.

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In 2009-2012, Lebanon witnessed a wave of international hospitality and culinary brands making their debut in the heart of Beirut, starting with Le Gray hotel. Momo’s of Mourad Mazouz opened at Beirut Souks, along with Yannick Alleno’s Stay. It was a plan by Beirut Hospitality Company, the hospitality arm or Solidere, to turn the Souks into a true culinary and fine dining destination. The Pourcel Brothers also opened Yazou in Ashrafieh. All of these star outlets had to shut down their doors due to difficult economic situations. Back then, it was said that Zuma had plans to debut in Beirut, also at Le Gray. 



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