Insights into the caffeinated world of Corso Espresso

Insights into the caffeinated world of Corso Espresso

With 10 years of experience in the coffee industry, Joe Safa, COO of Corso Espresso, is at the helm of the espresso department’s operations at Corso and Super Brasil. We caught up with the coffee expert to find out more about the products and services of Corso Espresso and what the firm is offering the industry.

What can you tell us about Corso coffee?
Corso was born in 2016 as a result of a challenge to build a brand able to compete in quality and taste with the best coffee producers in the world. This was not easy, but we are proud today to have the highestend coffee produced in Lebanon, the result of blending first-grade coffee beans from around the world.

How are your products helping establishments differentiate their coffee offering?
With Corso, it’s not only about the product and the margins — this part is common sense – more than that, our team goes beyond and offers our professional clients a full service, from barista trainings to menu building and preventive maintenance 24/7. Coffee is about living an experience, and at Corso, we make sure we help our clients give their customers the best they can, with consistent, high-quality coffee and premium accessories.

What coffee machines do you offer?
The coffee machine selection available at Corso meets the differing needs of our B2B and B2C markets. Our teams evaluate a client’s needs based on a questionnaire, helping them choose the most suitable machine for their business or home.
Some of our machines take capsules, while others come with grinders. We select our machines carefully, as they are as important as the coffee in the overall experience. We evaluate them through their extraction
method, the perfect temperature along with the perfect pressure.

Do you have any plans to expand?
Corso Espresso is a luxury experience that you can live in the comfort of your home, in your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, during your meetings and coffee breaks. We are working today on franchising this experience, which our brand has perfected through its high-quality coffee, impeccable capsule system and high-end solutions. This is a universal experience, enabling Corso to be in tune with any culture anywhere in the world.

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