Dewar’s celebrates Lebanese heritage with a special release

Dewar’s celebrates Lebanese heritage with a special release

Dewar’s Lebanon has teamed up with Images D’Orient to celebrate the Lebanese heritage and memorialize the authentic soul of this historic nation.

The brand adds a touch of nostalgia to the holiday season with its limited edition pack for Dewar’s White Label. The beautiful packaging is inspired by the ornate patterned tiles that traditionally decorated Lebanese homes and promotes the richness of the country’s Middle Eastern heritage. The brand’s contemporary take on the traditional tiles aims to pay tribute to the legacy of past generations through vintage and futuristic designs.

Dewar’s has customized two unique limited edition pack designs, specifically crafted for Lebanon; symbolic of a nation that has stayed true to its soul and continues to inspire its people to live true to their passions. Each pack also contains two coasters designed on the lines of the packaging artwork. The play on the double pack and twin coasters is a quirky tribute to the brand’s double-aging process.

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