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Coffee & Tea – Barista


The coffee industry is a fundamental part of the food culture in the region and around the world. It has changed drastically over the past years, as coffee becomes more popular to younger generations, thus creating the need for drinks that appeal to their tastes. Moreover, Ready-To-Drink coffee is still on the rise, in addition to specialty drinks, such as cold brew and nitro coffee. The industry is still growing into single-serving coffee systems, making the demand for individual-use coffee machines very high.

The challenges and risks
The biggest obstacle the coffee industry is facing is climate change, which is affecting the crops worldwide and making high quality coffee beans more difficult to find. At a time where coffee demand is growing fast, the steady and continuous supply of green coffee is decreasing at alarming rates. Some countries are taking measures to protect their crops and the shortage of labor, but the measures taken thus far remain subpar. As a result, consumers are at serious risk of having to drink low quality coffee in a higher price range a few years from now, if the appropriate action is not taken.

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The strategy
We pride ourselves at Barista Espresso on being a one-stop shop experience for our consumers. Be it capsules, pods, beans, machines or accessories, we offer it all, and we are confident in saying that we are delivering the best experience to those who seek a perfect cup of coffee. While tastes are always changing, we are increasing our market share by addressing the needs of our potential clients. A good espresso cannot be brewed if there isn’t a 360-degrees effort behind it. From the selection of the beans to the maintenance of the machines, it’s a complete experience, where every detail counts.

The future
During the last couple of years, our focus has been on developing and growing our capsule range. We have already introduced three new TEA capsules, which are Nespresso compatible, in addition to our brand new ORGANIC coffee capsule. Our latest project has been the launching of MyBarista, our new phone application (app), available on Android and Apple devices. In addition to its loyalty system, our app allows users to order their coffee at the click of a button and have it delivered to their doorstep in less than 24 hours all over Lebanon.


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