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Coffee & Tea – Cafe Abi Nasr

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Year in review
The year 2018 has been a good one for the coffee industry. Trends have emerged and noticeable changes have been detected in consumer behavior, the most trending topic being cold brew, not to be confused with iced coffee! Due to the clear shift in coffee habits, we introduced brand new blends and coffee flavors, such as spiced coffee, mushroom-infused coffee, sparkling coffee, cold brew tonics, café au lait bowls, nitro cold brew coffee and glitter coffee. Additionally, Cafe Abi Nasr takes immense pride in constantly revamping its machines. We have been using, in the past year, smart coffee machines with Bluetooth connectivity through apps for mobile devices. This also includes the Whisper Grinder, which is a powerful electric grain mill coffee bean grinder and a surprisingly silent one at that! And we didn’t stop there; when it came to adaptation, we introduced a special edition of ‘Brewed in the Bag’, a product that lives up to its name, serving fresh coffee straight from the bag.

The trends
Portable espresso machines have also registered a hit among coffee consumers, an invention that helps them enjoy their fresh cup anywhere and anytime. We are definitely looking forward to the growth that this industry is witnessing and will make sure we are on board the trend wagon thanks to our creativity in blends. We will also make sure that coffee is present, whether in a traditional or non-traditional way. As the industry grows, so do the challenges and that is a given. The competition has been fierce in the coffee market, as brands aggressively compete for exposure and presence. That said, we approach this situation with dedication to prove and ensure that our brand remains distinguished. In addition, coffee trends are coming to life quickly and we are making sure our reaction is always prompt and on a par with market demands. Cafe Abi Nasr rises to every challenge, thanks to its commitment to product innovation and quality/price ratio. Some of the advantages our brand offers are longevity, reputation and credibility. Cafe Abi Nasr is proud to have been present in the Lebanese market for over six decades. The family name enabled us to gain our customers’ trust and give a silent promise of eternal great taste and affordability.

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The road ahead
The drive for novelty has been strong from both the consumers and suppliers’ ends. That is precisely why we are committed to listening to the needs of our customers and responding with an initiative, be it in cold brew, filtered coffee or special mixes, among others. Growth means consciousness, which is precisely why our new and upcoming plans are noticeably environmental and eco-friendly. Some of the past year’s most in-demand products have been Lebanese coffee beans, which remain at the high end of the pyramid of the supply and demand chain, followed by espresso and filter coffee. Its popularity is directly linked to our country’s culture. Coffee has been and will always be a daily necessity in every Lebanese household; the taste is appreciated and the benefits are significant. If anything, coffee is the first thing we, as Lebanese people offer, before water! That said, our pipeline for the near future includes the introduction of our very own, brand new coffee factory; one that will stand out for its excellent service, innovative roasting and packaging machines, and eco-friendly processing throughout the stages of production before it finally reaches the consumer.


Ets. Rafic Abi Nasr
Firas Abi Nasr
General Manager

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