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In our annual coverage of the coffee and tea industry, HN brings its readers a report that’s been written to cover a range of angles for an exceptionally informative and entertaining read. Included are interviews with well-established local and international coffee brands, in which their top representatives map out various aspects of the trade, followed by two features with comments from an international barista judge and HORECA Lebanon’s reigning champion. We then delve into the heart of Lebanon’s increasingly popular specialty coffee shop scene, with highlights from the country’s first certified coffee trainer on where we’ve arrived and what to expect in the coming year. Also included is a look at what one of the world’s most recognized syrup brands has to offer cocktail and coffee aficionados. Lastly, we run through the most innovative coffee-related products on offer from around the globe for those who would like to add a personal touch to their beverages. Bringing the topic to a close is an interview with a globally reputed tea sommelier, who is using her passion and culinary expertise to cook up a storm.

While the sale of coffee far outstrips that of tea, the latter appears to be in the midst of a return-to-basics revolution, as evidenced by the rise in loose-tea alternatives. On the one hand, hoteliers are increasingly partnering with category experts to offer their guests a more personalized experience, bolstered by an integrated retail corner within their establishments. Furthermore, tea is being used to create new kinds of cocktails and culinary marvels, as consumers demand the incorporation of healthier ingredients into their consumables. Also of interest, and in keeping with the single-serve era, the continued development of tea pods for use in single-serve coffee machines is growing.

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