Coffee & Tea – HORECA Lebanon Barista Competition Winner

Coffee & Tea – HORECA Lebanon Barista Competition Winner


“The key to my victory lay in understanding the role that all the individual parts play in the farm-to-cup supply chain for coffee. Despite the fact that knowledge may seem irrelevant when racing against the clock to prepare a cup of coffee, to my surprise, it proved to be invaluable. Skill and presentation were the two other factors in the overall equation. Mastering the rules is also instrumental in achieving success. Yet what brings all these together is, and will always be, the choice of coffee used, which is why being aware of the fundamental characteristics of the coffee goes a very long way. As a barista, it is our job to satisfy the senses of coffee lovers and take them on a cultural journey, by introducing them to the realm of coffee. This drink has a long history and, given that a single bean bestows so many different flavors for us to explore, it is up to us to highlight them and, in so doing, raise consumer awareness. On that note, I am happy to see that through this approach, the quality of the coffee on offer in our region is improving, as are the roasting and brewing processes. More consumers are now seeking specialty coffee for that very reason and, in turn, are becoming more open to trying something new. Places that encourage such a movement are growing in numbers, with outlets such as Kalei, Cafe Younes, Suz, Bn Coffee Bar, Urbanista and Kaffeine leading the way.”

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HORECA Lebanon Barista Competition 2017
Emma Sade

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