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Coffee & Tea – Nestlé


New offering
Coffee lovers are becoming more conscious of the origins of coffee. They want to know exactly where their coffee comes from and how it was made. It is good to see that the trend is moving toward a more sustainable and authentic approach, focused on human craftsmanship. Nestlé Nespresso SA embraces this, with the launch of its five new permanent coffees: Master Origin. As sustainability becomes an important factor for purchasing decisions, the coffee industry is growing around the world, as is the portioned coffee segment, both of which offer tremendous opportunity.

Clear vision
When it comes to the coffee industry in general, Nespresso always tries to remain ahead of the curve by anticipating and, in turn, preparing for what will be the next big thing. That is one of the reasons that the brand is considered innovative. The current trend we are working on is clarifying the most relevant parameters that would rank highest when it comes to attracting new consumers.
We base our business model on three pillars, namely: coffee knowledge and expertise; attention to detail, as well as our sustainability schemes; and unflinching commitment to value. All these are in line with what today’s consumers look for and expect. Coupled with our innovative blends and machines, we manage to offer everyone a package deal that not only fulfills expectations, but is also simple, yet distinct.

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Man vs. machine
Our machines, inspired by the classic Italian espresso machine, use an innovative extraction system. Building on such cutting-edge technologies, we decided to offer the consumers a device that is not only very easy to use, but also guarantees perfect results under fully-controlled parameters, irrespective of personal skills. This has proven somewhat advantageous, based on plenty of feedback from professional baristas, who agree that our machines make their jobs easier and increase their efficiency. In moving forward, one thing is certain, the number of steps required for making that perfect cup of coffee has decreased and will continue to do so over the coming years. What needs to be understood, when it comes to the role played by seasoned baristas, is that their profession is calling on them to shift their focus to other areas, and in so doing, give more attention to addressing consumer concerns related to their coffee of choice.


Nestlé Nespresso SA
Yassir Max Corpataux
Coffee Ambassador MEA

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