Don’t miss the weekly baking workshops at Expo 2020

Don’t miss the weekly baking workshops at Expo 2020

If you want to become an expert in bread making or learn how to make the perfect pizza dough, then rise to the challenge at Expo 2020’s new workshops from British bakery chain Bread Ahead.

The shop and baking school, which has several locations across London, is offering baking and pastry skills workshops twice a week at its Expo 2020 location in the Mobility Zone.

Kyle Cowles, bakery teacher at the workshop, said: “This is the first time we’ve organized a workshop outside the UK. We’re really excited to introduce people to baking and to offer advice to both amateurs and professionals. We want to encourage more people to cook and make dishes at home, because nothing beats the taste of fresh bread that you have made and baked yourself.”

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Matthew Jones, owner of Bread Ahead, said: “Our company aspires to expand internationally, and our presence here in Dubai is the very first step. This is a great opportunity to interact with a diverse public from all around the world. I became a baker at a very young age, and that is why I am very keen to teach everyone how to bake and become professional bakers and why we organize more than 20 different workshops to achieve this goal.”

Besides weekly workshops, there will be additional courses to learn how to make pastry for special occasions, including Christmas and Halloween.

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