Dubai hosts first event to promote sustainability in cocoa production

Dubai hosts first event to promote sustainability in cocoa production

Dubai hosted the first event to enhance and promote the values of sustainability and environmental protection in the chocolate production industry.

The event, which took place at Dubai’s Raffles hotel, was organized by The Belgium Embassy in the UAE, Belcolade Company and BanoPuratos group.

Over the past years, sustainability has been a primary concern in the UAE, with efforts being made to move to a more sustainable future in all fields.

HE Peters Claes, the Belgian ambassador to the UAE, explained that the investment climate, which is provided by the well-developed legislation of UAE, provides an attractive environment for Belgian companies to employ their expertise and projects in building a sustainable investment base.

He noted that the UAE is a leading nation in establishing and promoting the values of sustainability at the international and regional levels, expressing his pleasure to share his country’s expertise in this critical area.

Mohamad Hashwi, CEO of BanoPuratos Group and the agent of Belcolade in the Middle East, said: “Sustainability and provision of healthy food is a key goal in our company. Therefore, we strive to provide the best raw materials for industrialists, so that they can provide healthy products that are free of additives.”

Hashwi explained how his company helps cocoa farmers by paying money for every kilo of chocolate sold, provided that the farmer is committed to delivering the finest types of cocoa that allow BanoPuratos to produce the best kind of chocolate.

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Sylvestre Awono, product & training manager at BanoPuratos Group, reviewed the Cacao-Trace Program, which aims to achieve sustainability in the chocolate industry and preserve the environment, as part of the company’s commitments to its social and environmental responsibility.

The program is also financing the construction of schools, health care centers, wells, and rainwater tanks in cocoa-producing countries, he added.

The program is based on three main pillars: highlighting its core value, sharing its results with cocoa farmers and showing commitment to partners to make the cocoa supply chain prosperous and sustainable.

Rayan Mohsen, general manager of BanoPuratos Group, said: “Choosing the UAE for this unique and exceptional event is not a coincidence. It stems from our keenness to draw inspiration from the spirit of creativity, excellence, and leadership that characterizes the UAE.”

The event witnessed the unveiling of a chocolate sculpture of the Museum of the Future made by Chef Stephan Leroux. The sculpture embodies the long history and beauty of the Arabic language, embraces the wonderful future and reflects the flourishing of culture, peaceful coexistence and diversity.

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