Easter culinary traditions from Dubai to Armenia

Easter culinary traditions from Dubai to Armenia

Two accomplished chefs take us on a culinary tour from Dubai to Armenia, sharing Easter menu items.

Armenian Easter trends

Armenian cuisine cherishes tradition while simultaneously embracing new trends. Moreover, while items like brioche, cookies, and kaak may seem “new” to some, they are deeply rooted in Armenian culinary heritage, passed down through generations. The innovation lies in how these classics are presented. For instance, the Armenian Easter brioche “tcheureg” has been refined into bite-sized portions, ideal for enjoying with coffee, juice, or jam.

Armenian Easter dishes

Armenian maamoul, traditionally made with cheese and served hot, receives a creative twist this year with additions such as rose jam with loukoum, chocolate with bitter orange, and homemade jams. Additionally, these new flavors enhance the traditional dish, offering a delightful fusion of sweet and savory elements.

Armenian restaurants during Easter

Armenian cuisine thrives on the spirit of sharing, making Easter a time for gathering with family and loved ones. Moreover, Armenian restaurants offer set menus featuring Easter delicacies such as Maamoul, brioches, and a feast of kebabs, meat and chicken skewers, alongside a variety of salads and fresh mezze.

Armenian Easter dishes

Mante, whether meat or vegetarian, takes center stage, accompanied by kebabs, itch and soubeureg. Additionally, a refreshing drink with wild cherry, homemade jams and, of course, maamoul complete the Easter spread.

Aline Kamakian, founder and CEO of Fig Holding, shines a spotlight on the indigenous ingredients, traditional cooking methods and age-old customs of Armenia

Aline Kamakian,
Founder and CEO of Fig Holding


Emerging culinary trends for Easter

Easter brunch trends

In Dubai, restaurants are moving away from expansive international brunch spreads for Easter. Instead, venues are opting for carefully curated menus tailored to the city’s discerning foodie audience. By focusing on quality over quantity, these establishments present meticulously crafted dishes showcasing culinary excellence. This approach caters to the refined palates of food enthusiasts seeking elevated dining experiences, a philosophy we embody at MINA Brasserie.

Local and seasonal ingredients

The trend toward sustainability and supporting local farmers is making its mark on Easter menus. Chefs are increasingly embracing regional produce, crafting dishes that highlight the vibrant flavors of the season. From farm-fresh vegetables to locally sourced meats, every ingredient tells a story of community and connection to the land. Easter dining experiences now celebrate the rich gamut of flavors found close to home, transforming each meal into more than just a culinary delight.

Easter dishes

Fresh cod offers a lighter alternative to traditional meats, appealing to those craving seafood for their Easter feast. Paired with creamy hummus and smoked paprika oil, this dish fuses Mediterranean influences, adding a contemporary twist to the holiday spread.

Succulent roasted lamb shank brings robust and savory flavors to the table, perfectly complemented by aromatic rosemary, baby potatoes, and root vegetables. This hearty offering pays homage to Easter traditions while infusing modern culinary techniques and presentation.

Wild mushrooms showcase a commitment to seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, adding depth and earthiness to dishes. Whether featured in rich ravioli filling or as a flavorful accompaniment to king crab spaghetti, wild mushrooms elevate the dining experience with their distinct taste profile.

Changing consumer tastes

During Easter, restaurants prioritize perfecting their recipes while catering to local tastes and preferences. While innovation takes a backseat during this time, establishments refine their culinary offerings to satisfy increasingly discerning palates. At MINA Brasserie, we embrace this ethos, refining our dishes to delight guests with each Easter season.

Easter menu essentials

An Easter menu must include a roast dish, symbolizing abundance and renewal. At MINA Brasserie, our signature lamb dish captures the essence of Easter feasting with traditional spices and contemporary techniques. Additionally, dishes featuring seasonal mushrooms add earthy richness, complementing the spirit of springtime. Lastly, dessert is essential, like our succulent apple tart, a sweet ode to the freshness of spring.

Rami Nasser
Executive chef of Mina Brasserie
Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre



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