Growing demand for pizza is boosting sales of pizza ovens

Growing demand for pizza is boosting sales of pizza ovens

Pizza ovensPizza ovens are increasingly in demand across commercial food chains, including restaurants, hotels, café, coffee shops, catering businesses and resorts, according to findings of a new report by Future Market Insights. The main driver of this market is the growing demand for pizza worldwide. The increase in the number of people ordering food online due to the Covid-19 restrictions has made pizza even more popular.

The industry is forecast to show stable growth during the coming years. While North America and Europe are very promising markets, different developing countries are also showing growth momentum.

Providing customized solutions is one of the current trends in the market, as commercial kitchens have different needs in terms of size, fuel use, ease of cleaning, size of grill, number of burners, ease of regulation of temperature, affordable pricing, custom heat settings and timer, etc. These features are current trends in the market and suppliers are trying to satisfy these needs. Such customized offerings and a proper blend of important features are helping brands gain competitive advantages.

Due to urbanization and increase in the purchasing power, food outlets have become a very popular place for spending disposable income. Hence there is a great opportunity even in developing countries where new hospitality centers are being set up.

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Also, there is an already established market in the developed countries where pizza ovens can be found in almost every commercial kitchen making it an easier market to tap into. Providing advanced designs and styles can open new opportunities for players.

Trending features which make less cleaning, compact, multipurpose, fast preheating, easy to assemble are some of the features, which are customized according to the consumer’s needs.

The main challenge pizza ovens face in today’s market is the temporary disruption in the expansion of the number of food outlets due to Covid-19. Although food delivery is still very popular, it is difficult for new chains to establish, hence there is a temporary decrease in demand from new food businesses.

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