OperaPrima, the automatic pizza shaper, launches its pizza doughs

OperaPrima, the automatic pizza shaper, launches its pizza doughs

With OperaPrima, it is now possible to buy frozen dough rolls to save time and raw materials without renouncing the quality and aroma of pizza.

The first automatic pizza shaper, OperaPrima, is now offering special doughs to allow all pizzaioli to make the typical Italian pizza: classic, Neapolitan or Roman. Four different types of rolls — classic, whole wheat, organic and Kamut — meet the needs of every lover of the most traditional Italian dish.

To preserve its natural characteristics, the dough is not frozen but hibernated. This procedure was chosen specifically to not interrupt the fermentation process, which is only paused, allowing the yeasts contained in the dough not to die when the storage temperature is reached (-20°C) but to go into standby and resume leavening with vitality, once the doughs reach the temperature of use.

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In addition, thanks to the individual packaging, the originality of the fresh dough roll is not altered; this is how the pizza dough maintains its characteristic aromatic profile and responds to automatic handling, just like fresh dough.

The freshness-saving packaging preserves the fragrance, eliminates waste and avoids oxidation that forms an annoying “skin” on the surface.

Each roll weighs from 230 to 630 grams, with the possibility of a customized weight.

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