The cutting edge of eco-responsibility: hotel amenity trends for 2024

The cutting edge of eco-responsibility: hotel amenity trends for 2024


Hotel amenities reflect the values and vision of an establishment, as well as the aspirations of its clientele. Laurent Marchand, CEO of Groupe GM, unveils the trend of eco-responsibility defining the future of hotel amenities.

In 2024, hotel trends focus on eco-responsible amenities, reflecting a heightened awareness of environmental issues among clients and industry. Consequently, this aligns hotels with guest values, pioneering sustainable tourism and fostering an era of eco-conscious travel, ultimately enhancing guest experiences.

Partnerships of excellence

For every hotel, it is vital to establish strategic partnerships with renowned guest amenities providers that have cutting-edge industrial expertise. In doing so, hotels provide personalized experiences of quality while meeting current sustainability objectives, ensuring guest satisfaction and environmental responsibility.

Sustainability and transparency

Sustainability is at the forefront of the hospitality industry in 2024. Furthermore, this trend is reflected in significant changes in packaging choices and product formulations. Transitioning to sustainable, large-format solutions and favoring clean formulas and natural ingredients, alongside responsible material selection, are pivotal practices.

Moreover, eliminating single-use plastics and fossil fuel derivatives in favor of sustainable alternatives is a top priority.

However, the practice of “bulk” refilling of cosmetic products raises significant concerns. Product traceability becomes challenging and hygiene standards are difficult to maintain outside controlled environments.

Recognizing these challenges, the industry is incorporating safe and traceable solutions into amenities, addressing both hygiene and environmental concerns.

A major challenge for hoteliers

Reducing the environmental impact of consumer products is a major challenge for society, to which hospitality professionals must respond proactively. Consequently, they must implement environmentally friendly measures, such as eco-responsible programs and corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies.

Moreover, in addition to adapting to changing environmental concerns, hospitality professionals must harmonize amenity products with new customer expectations. Expanding their network through collaborations with new brands and providers is essential to meet increasing demands for sustainability and quality.

Sustainability: more than just a trend

The hotel industry is resolutely positioning itself at the forefront of eco-responsibility both in 2024 and beyond. Moreover, through partnerships and sustainable practices, every aspect of hotel facilities is being rethought to meet environmental challenges effectively.

Additionally, hotels prioritize delivering superior customer experiences while also respecting the environment and promoting more sustainable tourism practices. These trends signify a notable industry evolution, showcasing establishments’ dedication to preserving the planet while providing memorable guest experiences.

Laurent Marchand
Laurent Marchand,
CEO of Groupe GM

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