Fostering mental health in the hospitality industry

Fostering mental health in the hospitality industry

Naim Maadad, chief executive and founder of Gates Hospitality, offers his advice on how to promote mental health in the world of hospitality.

According to a Royal Society of Health Survey, 84 percent of hospitality workers have reported an increase in their stress levels due to their job.

Furthermore, many employees view the industry as a calling, an innate desire to make others feel welcomed, valued and cared for. It is thus up to industry leaders to ensure that those very same principles are felt by those who carry them. In recent times, the industry has shifted perceptions from a steppingstone to a fulfilling career path with great success. Equally important, safeguarding mental health must be a top priority.

Changing perceptions

Mental health is not unique to hospitality. However, through developing supportive cultures and initiatives, we can change perceptions and lead by example for other industries.

Despite the statistics, I do believe we have already come a long way. Proudly, we encourage individuals to openly share experiences and challenges, fostering a culture of support and acceptance without fear. Moreover, those in the industry recognize hospitality teams as among the closest-knit colleagues, fostering strong bonds and camaraderie.

The responsibility of promoting mental health falls solely at the door of human resources departments. Besides, while HR handles policy, let’s proactively care for one another, fostering a supportive environment beyond official guidelines. Next, managers can organize team-building events, promote wellness activities and genuinely enquire about the well-being of their peers.

Prioritizing mental health

Employees should feel empowered to request mental health days or flexible hours when feasible. Furthermore, employers should create a safe space in which conversations and feelings can be shared. With a diverse workforce, it’s vital to recognize cultural differences in expressing feelings and understanding that one-size-fits-all approaches can be counterproductive.

At Gates Hospitality, mental health embodies everything that we do. Moreover, we have created a culture that prioritizes wellbeing. Furthermore, having the privilege to meet and converse with people from all different walks of life daily virtually.

So, integrating relaxation elements in all areas can enhance mental well-being, fostering a holistic approach to employee health. Moreover, biophilic design and ancient methods of feng shui can ensure that all senses are satisfied.

By its very definition, hospitality is the act of caring. Let’s work together to ensure that this continues to include leading the way on mental health for both guests and colleagues.

Naim Maadad, chief executive and founder of Gates Hospitality

Naim Maadad,
chief executive
and founder of Gates Hospitality

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