More tourists are shopping in Lebanon, positive growth is expected

More tourists are shopping in Lebanon, positive growth is expected

Globe Shopper spending in Lebanon for Q4 2018 increased by almost 10.5 percent compared to the same period last year, as per Global Blue’s  Globe Shopper Spending Insights in Lebanon.

The report said that year on year on year growth reached 6.5 percent. “It is not a double digit growth yet, but I am seeing it coming in the next quarter,” revealed Joe Yacoub, Lebanon managing director of Global Blue, announcing positive upcoming tourists shopping trend.

Tourists from Egypt are seasonal and they have the biggest growth in Q4 comparing to Q3, whereas those coming from Qatar, Kuwait and Syria are becoming frequent shopping travelers in the country. “Although the Saudi and UAE tourists spending is still number one and two, but unfortunately the figures are still decreasing year over year, thus the negative percentage YTD vs PYTD. However, Saudis’ expenditures did make a difference last month, so we can say that effective December 2018,  Saudis globe shoppers are back,” Yacoub said.

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Unlike the previous trend where tourists were focusing their shopping in Mount Lebanon, figures reveal that Beirut has witnessed a remarkable growth, snatching 81 percent of the tourists shopping. “Beirut is back to normal,” Yacoub said.


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