Restaurant trends in Saudi and the world at large

Restaurant trends in Saudi and the world at large

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Duncan Fraser-Smith, founder of The Cutting Edge Hospitality Agency and author of “Create to Plate”, discusses restaurant trends in Saudi Arabia and the broader global trends impacting the industry.

The dynamic restaurant industry in Saudi Arabia is shaped by global trends and local preferences, reflecting the Middle East’s largest economy. Moreover, significant culinary evolution mirrors changing consumer behaviors, cultural influences and economic shifts.

Global rise of digital technologies  

From a broader perspective, the global rise of digital technologies has revolutionized Saudi Arabia’s restaurant industry. Furthermore, online food delivery platforms, mobile ordering apps, and digital payment systems are integral to the dining experience. Restaurants are adapting to cater to tech-savvy consumers with increasing smartphone reliance and digital platforms.

Digital social media influence

In addition, digital social media significantly influences consumers’ buying decisions, changing how restaurants are perceived. Moreover, the smartphone’s invention transformed restaurant perceptions, requiring continual adaptation for competitiveness.

Health-conscious dining

Internationally, health-conscious dining options are emphasized, mirrored in Saudi Arabia. Consumers seek nutritious, organic and transparently sourced menu choices, increasing demand for plant-based and gluten-free options. Equally important, health considerations must now permeate across the kingdom’s restaurant offerings.

Sustainability is a worldwide concern

Environmental sustainability is a worldwide concern, influencing consumer preferences. Besides, Saudi Arabia is no exception, with growing environmental awareness prompting eco-friendly initiatives like reducing plastic usage and promoting locally sourced ingredients.

Saudi Arabia’s culturally diverse population contributes to a rich culinary tapestry. Lebanese, Indian, Italian and Japanese cuisines showcase the kingdom’s diverse dining scene.

Two prominent dining experiences define the Saudi market: family-oriented and luxury dining. Again, family-oriented restaurants accommodate large groups, offering diverse menus and family-friendly environments. Lastly, luxury dining caters to a growing affluent population, thriving in major cities like Riyadh and Jeddah.

Consistency and relevance are key in staying competitive and on-trend within Saudi Arabia’s evolving restaurant landscape. Furthermore, fueled by global trends and local preferences, this transformation positions Saudi Arabian restaurants for success amid rising market competitiveness and gastronomic tourism.

Duncan Frasier

Duncan Fraser-Smith
founder of The Cutting Edge Hospitality Agency
Author of “Create to Plate”

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