Shining a bright light on Cynthia Choueiri Bahout co-founder of Good Brands FzLLC

Shining a bright light on Cynthia Choueiri Bahout co-founder of Good Brands FzLLC

Shamaa, a UAE-based brand offering unique handmade candle boards, is the brainchild of Cynthia Choueiri Bahout. Here, she tells us more about the concept.

You are the only candle manufacturer in the GCC to produce these types of candles. What makes them unique?
Taper candles are very unique due to their shape and structure. It is very difficult to produce these types of candles and make them sturdy. I remember when my husband created the first taper candles with our candlemaker. The candle broke apart with just the touch of a hand. After many trials, we were able to produce a quality candle. We tested the candles out, but we found that the single candle started to drip and burn very quickly. At that moment, it would have been very easy for us to give up, find a supplier in China, buy a container filled with colorful taper candles and resell them. But we wanted our product to be authentic, to have endless possibilities of personalization and to be more eco-friendly while reducing our carbon footprint simultaneously. In doing so, we recreated our candles in a way to eliminate all of the original issues. When placed on our boards alongside one another, the candles begin dripping and burning beautifully after about two hours, in the most magnificent way possible. What also makes our taper candles so unique is their length. We have three different lengths: 30, 40 and 50cm. It is very rare and almost impossible to find tapers that are 50cm long — a very impactful and memorable candle indeed!

What sets your service apart from other manufacturers?
What we can provide is instant reaction, quick production and endless customization. You name the color, we have it! We are proud to say that we have created over 50 different colors and shades to match any interior, party theme or desire. Our candle boards have already been created and customized in many shapes and colors to match different types of events, venues and parties.

How can the hospitality and foodservice industries use your products to be trendy?
Our candle boards create an instant “wow” factor as soon they are placed somewhere. Picture them placed at the entrance of a prestigious hotel instead of a flower arrangement that requires constant maintenance. You can personalize your board to the hotel colors and theme, and the candles can be replaced throughout the seasons. Now, we even provide the option of replacing some candles with glass tubes to add unique dried flowers in order to enhance the look. The possibilities are endless. We offer an innovative, creative and unique product that will leave an impact on customers and clients dining at your restaurant, passing through or staying at your hotel. Candles bring an instant sense of warmth and class that will be instantly recognized and seen when someone walks into your establishment.

Your candles are handmade in the UAE. Are you able to accept large orders in the Middle East?
Yes, of course. We have spent several months perfecting our product, through trial and error and reviews from clientele. We are confident in our production line and our operation.
We personally deal with our manufacturer and follow up with him on a daily basis. We have already catered to very large events and B2B orders for over 100 pieces in Saudi Arabia

Who are some of your famous clients?
The Anasala family, Jessica Kahawaty, Mr Moudz (Mahmoud), Dima Al Sheikhly, Dana Hourani, Karen Wazen, Zoya Sakr, among others. Furthermore, we were proud to decorate an event for Ferrari, with custom board and candles that were spread throughout the whole venue. We are so proud and extremely happy to have seen such a wonderful response from guests.

Do you have any new product in development or any expansion plans?
We are currently working toward expanding our product base. We create our products from scratch. It is of the utmost importance that our consumers purchase a product that is safe, useful, beautiful, reusable and noble. Due to this, the process is very time consuming. So, stay tuned because we are launching a big Shamaa line consisting of products of all prices in order to cater to different clients.


Unique candle boards handmade in the UAE offering worldwide shipping.

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