How to unleash the power of tech in HR

How to unleash the power of tech in HR


Getting the best out of the latest technology requires business leaders to be open to new ideas and recognize that improving customer service should always be the endgame. Mark Dickinson, of DONE! Hospitality Training Solutions, shares his dos and don’ts for utilizing tech in HR.

In 1811, when someone invented upgrades to the weaving loom, the uprisers, called Luddites after the name of the leader of the movement, fought against the implementation of ‘modern technology.’ What we call modern technology today is what will simply be called progress, 20 years from now.

Embracing change

Experiencing the introduction of new ways of doing things has challenged mankind for millennia. We are made to resist change, so when something new comes along we look at it with suspicion. While the adoption of new technologies, new systems and improvements all seem to make perfect sense, we are prisoners of the extent to which leaders are open to new ideas. This depends on several factors, from the threat to them, the cost and value, to the ease of implementation.

For technology to be unleashed to its greatest effect we must have an attitude of openness to new ideas and to work on creating organizations that are solely focused on customer service, placing every possible team member in front of the customer and intelligently spending on team members in only essential support roles. With this mindset we can then examine every new innovation and determine its value to the profit, people and fame of the business.

5 thoughts on tech uptake

1-Adopting technology for the sake of it is foolish. Implementation first requires employee engagement, management support, a clear understanding of what this system will solve and why it is better than what is currently being done.

2-Complicated technology with complex learning processes is going to be superseded by someone else’s tech that has already solved many issues, so look around before investing.

3-Great solutions will increase the amount of time team members are in the presence of customers, reducing the number of team members required in non-customer serving roles.

4-Simpler structures with fewer people allow for swift communication and reduce the potential for conflict.

5-Measuring can be done by a machine. Teach the machine what you want and let it do the work. Everything that can be measured can be enhanced by technology, and it is worth remembering that ‘what gets measured gets done.’

6 tech takeaways for HR

1-Scheduling software. The right software for scheduling will automatically assign the most labor-efficient, cost-focused schedule, taking into account the best team members with the highest productivity and the best customer experience results as measured through feedback.

2-Payroll, time attendance and salary calculation should all be done automatically through the use of technology, including the use of facial recognition, digital forms and app-based control.

3-Identification of appropriate talent can be done through online platforms that will select the right people for your workplace from the available talent.

4-The mechanics of evaluations and personal development plans can all be efficiently controlled by technology, leaving managers more time to focus on customers.

5-Bots can answer complex questions and give great service, while never getting tired or losing their patience.

6-Software for long-term planning and strategy is abundant.

Technology is nothing more than finding the tools that will help you become more efficient, more cost effective, convert more revenue to profit and lead you to ever-improving customer experiences. The purpose of technology is to help you advance ahead of the competition to a place where you are better than everyone else, so that you are declared the provider of choice.

Mark Dickinson

Mark Dickinson
Hospitality Training Solutions
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